I bought a camera with the plan as a christmas present and around Early January my daugher was taking a picture and the button fell off. I took it to Target and the manager said very rudely they had nothing to do with the camera that I needed to call the plan.

When I called the plan they said it was caused by us and it was not covered they only cover malfunction. But you need to buy the plan in order to read the EXCLUSION!!!.

I will never buy any big ticket item or anything there again. Return policy is no good!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

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Your plan is probably a replacement plan. All this means is that you added one year to the warranty, getting 2 years instead of one.

While no where does it say that physical damage is covered, you have recourse through the mfr if a button came apart prematurely. Your right - the plan is useless.

It's "marketed" with a lot of hype, but hype is all it is. Sadly, Target executives are blind to the plan specifics and its deceptions.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #440617

But I agree with Tasha, why do you parents spoil your children with expensive gifts which they cannot handle. Wait until they are old enough to handle the expensive item.


(eye roll)

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #437348

Sandra was obviously fired from Target or charged with shoplifting from Target. Seriously if you do not like my replies than get off the internet.

Don't be a crybaby. Also my comments are not ignorant. I see you are so full of yourself that you think that everyone who does not agree with you is ignorant.

GROW UP. I know you are between the ages of five and eight but still.


"Tasha" Obviously seems to either work at Target or just has issues. You shouldn't be writing in with your ignorant comments.


There are many 3rd party on-line insurance companies that will provide the protection you needed but they are expensive. Most of them are called Accidental Dammage Wavers (dog chewed it up, daughter dropped it in the bathtub etc).

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #435489

Well if your daughter cannot handle an expensive camera why did you give her one. Not their fault your daughter is careless.


Return policy is 45 days w/ your receipt for electronic items. If you're still within that time frame, just bring the camera and everything that came with it back to the store (along with the service plan.) Target does not handle the service plans - it is done through an outside company.

It's up to them to decide whether the item is faulty or has been damaged by someone. You can always try going through the camera company (most offer a limited warranty of 90 days) and see if they can get you a replacement.

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