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I contacted Target throughout California, Las Vegas NV, Las Cruces NM and Phoenix AZ for an item that is advertised on every stores website.So I called the corporate office at 800-440-0680 and spoke to "Emma." I gave her item 086-09-0447 (Lori Horse Barn) she researched it and said it is not a discontinued item, it is "unavailable at any stores." She gave me a reference # 30209745 and said I should give that reference number to the supervisor she was going to transfer me to and they might be able to get the item from another vendor. I spoke with Luz (Luce) the supervisor who didn't have a clue what Emma was talking about.

So I gave Luce the item number and she verified it is unavailable at any Target store.So I asked why it is still advertised and she said they will remove the item from their websites but only if it is discontinued and it's not discontinued just unavailable at any location, and it MAY become available again, but it also might NOT become available again.

Reason of review: advertized item is unavailable in every state. Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shopping Advertisement.

Reason of review: unavailable advertised item.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Having an advertised item unavailable nationwide.

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Who is this "Anonymous" person trolling and adding to the grief of upset shoppers?I honestly would not be surprised to find out that they are corporate monkey sitting in an office in Minnesota, being paid to insult irate guests with the intent of "damage control" a former employee (a middle-aged father with a spotless disciplinary record) who slaved away for 5 years at just above minimum wage, while suffering every conceivable injustice...only to find myself suddenly suspended and terminated over the phone for "threatening a female executive with harm" (I threatened to call the integrity hotline after she approached and scolded me like a child on the sales floor for NO REASON)... and how I was ignored and hung up on by another toxic corporate person that was "handling an investigation into my claims" better believe I believe it!This company is garbage and it's the complete and total fault of their affinity for hiring young, inexperienced leadership and paying them leaps and bounds better than the little peons doing all the work in each and every store.I can't wait to see the day this corporation cuts off its own feet....a process I promise is already well underway!

to Formerly Pfresh Tom #1527897

I know what you are talking about. This 'Anonymous" person has left some really rude and offensive remarks.

Insulting Veterans, calling people trash, calling people theives. This "Anonymous" person left a real nasty review to my wendy's review, and It got removed after I tagged a response to it.

This "Anonymous" person says real insulting, deragatory, mean things to all kinds of people on here. Thank you for pointing it out.


You are basically complaining that an item is sold out everywhere? Are you new to the world of shopping?

Or the world in general?

Things sell out, sometimes at multiple stores. If they plan to get it back in at a later date, they don't need to remove it, you just need to read the clear words that say "unavailable in store".

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