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I really.dont want to.complain.but.I.feel.screwed by Target I.just Air Mattress and has a known leaking.issue.

I.didnt.even Because my original receipt.they were unable the product.for.a.different one..They.could only.return a the last sales price. I ended up buying a different brand and paying 20 more.

I.just and the.mattress until a.bed. My husband and I work so hard for.our money and I just feel so.disappointed that.they.can.still honestly.sell.something.with.a.known issue and get away with this.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #750633

"What are all the periods for in your complaint?"

They. think.

they. are. Captain. Kirk.

where. every. word. is.

a. sentence.

to Zack #751716

Good one!

Whaleyville, Maryland, United States #750632

Why not do the adult thing and realize that because you were careless and lost the receipt you don't get all your money back.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #750550

What are all the periods for in your complaint? You have them where they absolutely aren't necessary.

How do you know Target knew about the problem before stocking the item? Just because you have read complaints doesn't mean that Target knew about the alleged defect or about the complaints.

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