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I purchased a tv from target with a protect plan for two years. The associate states that this plan covers any damage to the tv including dropage.

Well here it is six months went by and TV broke and would you believe it they dont cover it. Target offered me 10 percent off a TV to resolve issue. I asked to talk thier customer support center and was told they will tell you the same thing it does not matter wow thats services.

Any way called and waiting for a supervisor to call me back. will uopdate but beware of whats told and what the small print says shame on target to sell a plan this way.

This reviewer shared experience about "false advertisment" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $270. SPost01 is overall dissatisfied with Target. The most disappointing about vizio tv at Target was false advertisment and unclear return policy Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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They have refused to address issue


Who you trying to fool you know there nothing to sign just lies and a pamplet just on your break


You stated yourself 'beware of what's told & what the small print says' leading me to believe that you signed something without fully reading what you signed. Now, grant it,Target shouldn't have verbally lied about what was & what wasn't covered in there warranty plan.

However,written contracts always trump verbal agreement & it's always the customer's responsibility to throughly read EVERYTHING before signing. Just to let it be known I do not work for Target


Forget target they refuse to do anything


Target refuses to address issue of selling a plan under false pretense all they say is plan does not cover damage must be a commission on the sale of plan I will not even by a eraser from target again


If you don't already work for target you should


You liar! Your story is a bunch of bull.

You dropped your tv and you don't want to take responsibility.

Bwahahaha! You should have taken their offer of 10%.

to Anonymous #1043805

And you are nuts the money means nothing o have 29 of them it's the facts

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