I saw this sign on the morning of April 18th 2015 out front of PSL Target and I had to know why someone would put this up. I really thought it was a prank but after months of poking around and talking to various target employees I ran across a post on Facebook.

I started putting together the post with who worked at the pharmacy. The person being referenced is Tricia Wurster a Target pharmacist here in PSL. She took this 15 year old's two pet cats and refuses to return them. This is what I found on Facebook, this poor kid must be devastated.

Please share it and lets all keep our pets safe.

God Bless. SLD

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Unethical.

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She saved the cats and loves them dearly. Someone needs a new "source"


Those poor kittys having to kiss that mugshot


The cats were left in the parking lot in cold weather they look like they had not been fed in days.


We know you put up the sign. Quit pretending.

to Anonymous Brentwood, Tennessee, United States #1066771

Nope she did not, but the 15 year old whose cat was stolen was abusing the cats, not feeding them ect.

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