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I'm appalled at my husband's treatment by the security woman, Mia Clemens. She was threatening, condescending, wouldn't explain what was going on, and even said the shoelaces were ***.

She had no problem repeating that she could send us to jail and usually would. My husband made a mistake and was treated less than human. I wasn't at the checkout, but I left the store with him, which is when ms. Clemens accosted us.

She accused Mikie (my husband) of stealing and he could "come clean." But in terms we didn't understand. Her hostility was frightening and I even told her that in the little security room with the handcuffs on the bench we sat on. I said that when she approached us at the door, she was aggressive and scary. She seemed a little surprised I thought that, but then continued to threaten and belittle us.

We now cannot use the entire shopping center or we'll go to jail for trespassing. This is ridiculous, and I can't believe I patronaged this Target since it opened frequently, spending plenty of money, and was treated this way for what Ms. Clemens all but said was an accident. But she was happy to follow up anything like that with how she could have us arrested.

I'm angry for my husband, who is a good, decent person with a huge heart. Ever since Ms. Clemens treated him that way, he's been down and feeling like he's a bad person. I tell him he isn't, it's just that a really mean-spirited person both said he was a thief and should go to jail and that the shoelaces were too *** to send someone to jail for.

The officer she called recognized my husband and asked him if he'd ever arrested him. My husband said, "I was a corrections officer at the jail.

Maybe we met." The officer then remembered him. I usually let the mean ones roll off my back, but to see my dearest love have his spirits shattered and confidence bashed in by cruelty, because that's exactly what it was, makes me want to take a stand and say something.

Original review posted by user Jun 24, 2016

My husband and I have been going to this Target since it opened. Today, he accidentally forgot to pay for a pair of shoelaces, and our total of food and essentials was about $70. A woman pulled us aside and into a room, put us on a bench with handcuffs hanging on the sides, and asked if my husband had taken anything. He said no. She and another woman kept us in a security office. They said they had it on camera that my husband took a 2 dollar pair of shoelaces and hid them under the flap in the top part of the buggy. "Concealing" they called it. I said he wouldn't do that, just look at all he bought.

I understand that companies have to protect from theft, but the main woman who accosted us was rude and degrading. She was thrilled to say how she could easily send us to jail for this, but she wasn't going to. She said this a few times for what seemed like no reason. I was angry, but my husband was nice and cooperative as always.

Now, we have a trespass rule where we can't even enter the whole shopping center for two years or we will be arrested. What kind of justice is this?

The irksome thing is how we were treated even though we explained what happened. This woman said he still might have been stealing them because, "Some people get high from that."

If you look carefully at the top basket of a Target shopping cart, the flap opens down and is tilted down. My husband had forgotten the shoelaces were there and they would have ended up in the cart in the parking lot, forgotten. That's if they didn't slide out from under the flap. Any thief would know not to stick something "concealed" under that flap because it would most likely fall out.

I am completely disappointed in this woman's treatment of my husband as a criminal when he was nothing but cordial and compliant.

I do not recommend using this store for anything anymore. The customer service in a simple and obvious misunderstanding was appalling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Rights violated. They didn't show security tape..

Monetary Loss: $2.

I didn't like: Customer service and false advertisement, Disrespecting customers, Supervisors, Rude manager, Security, Inaccurate information and poor customer service, Customer service sucks.

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I hope Target burns in h---ell over this.

Benicia, California, United States #1183968

Yeah right, this is just the first time your husband got caught. Security only look at those that have stolen before.

to Not_the_0P #1185279

Just because you were fired from Target does not mean that you actually know anything about their procedures. After all, you apparently did not understand that you cannot sexually harass your co-workers.

to Anonymous Benicia, California, United States #1185925

IF you knew how to read you would see that I was falsely accused.

Hell, Michigan, United States #1177823

I would like to add you HAVE RIGHTS! Your husband should have never signed anything.

Your husband should have asked for the police to be called! Your husband should have said nothing and obtained a lawyer. Your husband should have taken this to court if his reputation mattered to him. Your husband could have eventually cleared his name.

Want to know why? The item was not on him. It was on the cart owned by Target in plain sight! Target would have had a hard time proving it was intentional and not just an error by the cashier and yourself.

That's why they bullied him into signing that restraining order acknowledging his guilt.

BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T HAVE A CASE. It always baffles me how people can be so clueless about their rights.

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