I am a target employee and I work the service desk Renee boliti not to sure on the last name and Sheri viera and Steve Levin (ap) do nont I mean do not treat thea employees like they should mite I say I am as a different race and there is always a problem with me I can never do anything right but yet I've been working there for 3 yrs and had no problem ever since they came along problems occur just about everyday Steve watches me on camera more than doing his own job preventing people not to steal they will do it right in front ofhhis face and he's let's them walk right out the door this so is so out if line its crazy I also want to add that I have never been late nor called out in my 3yrs there and I always come in and stay late when no one else wants to I amoobe very dependant individual but it puts me to shame they way I get treated at t1189

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West Haven, Connecticut, United States #749390

Maybe find another job if you're so unhappy!!

Unionville, Ontario, Canada #749387

I call BS on Target Legal department, they are just an ordinary person like us posting that for trolling reasons.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #749360

Yes, bring up the race card. Maybe these supervisors expect their customer service people to have better grammar skills, spelling skills, etc. than previous people did.

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