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Walked in the target in marlborough ma and noticed they replaced the restrooms paper towels with the germy and noisy hot air dryers. Another corporate cutting the corners on publics safety and protection especially for the sick, autistic, elderly, immuned compromised individuals, any chemo patients and the very young.

All for the sake of a few pennies. Read mayo clinic august 2012 study of paper towels vs. Hot air dryers for a recent study. The company should be ashamed of itself but they are only following the leads of other stores including shaws, stop and shop, bjs, mcdonalds, regal movies, and countless others.

They can because the law and the local town board of health will do nothing to strengthen the regulations for the disabled who are affected by this situation.

Goodbye target i will shop elsewhere. elsewhere.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #1355938

You have got to be kidding me.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1346368

of my goodness, the horror!!!!

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #1345850

I would not want to use the restroom at Target. They now let degenerates use them, because it's politically correct. F the liberal agenda.

Renton, Washington, United States #1345298

If you think there is such a thing as a sanitary public restroom, paper towels or not, you are adorably naive. Go at home .


You won't be missed

Houston, Texas, United States #1345186


I would think that Target is not the only business that does not have paper towels in their restrooms.

So what will you do when that happens?

Complain again?

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