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I purchased a xbox 360 from target had a happy salesman ask me if i wanted to purchase a 3yr extended no hassle warranty with my item I said sure this was an expensive item why not? I have had this system for 2 1/2 years and the unit overheats and its not like i have a million hours on this im lucky if i have 50hrs on it so I call the your warranty place and explained what happened and mentioned that they make a new xbox that does not overheat anymore and proposed that we could work a credit towards a new one and I would pay the difference.

Your warranty rep.

says let me talk to my superior comes back a few min. later and say unfortunately we cant do that and actually microsoft is going to take care of this problem for u not us let me put u through to them I hung up the phone I called back talked to a superior rep.

told her that microsoft will take back ur first unit for free and replace or fix it if you the consumer doesnt open it. I did not need to buy the your extended warranty to be told that.Im going to talk to the local paper and post this in a column that everyone in this smaller town reads about the fraud going on with target if u wanna stop this u should call 218-248-1248 ask for curt...

Monetary Loss: $280.

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I agree. I used to work at Target at the Guest Service Desk.

This "problem" has nothing to do with Target. And it isn't even a problem. They offered to fix it.

Maybe if you wouldn't have hung up on them, they could've take the time to explain it to you. Sometimes I think people just want somethin to complain about.

Awka, Anambra, Nigeria #234156

You're an ***. Microsoft obviously has a specific problem that has caused a high defect reate and is taking care of their problem.

Don't be pissed at Target because Microsoft made a lot of defective units. Had you encountered another problem Microsoft may not have fixed it.

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