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My daughter registered for baby crib and dresser in store and she got gift cards to buy and when she went they said out of stock order online.She had many cards they said consolildate all on one. Then she went to order and they said it would cost 200 dollars to ship.

She wasnt going to do that since it was in stock at time of registry-with no warning they wouldnt carry anymore-she can't get her money back for gift cards even with receipts because they told her to consolidate it all to one card.NO more Target for me.

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Carnwath, Scotland, United Kingdom #27432

Sorry the crib and dresser were out of stock, but it happens. She should have picked something else.

And how can you throw a fit about getting money back for gift cards?

Everyone knows you can't get your money back for those. Quit being a pain in the *** and pick something else for crying out loud.

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