I doubt I will get a reply.

Return Policy Dispute today. I called my local target today looking to return a PS3 HARDWARE console that I purchased not more than 48 days ago. I was told that I could not return the item and i should refer to the policy for target exchange. I looked online and noticed your policy did not explain CORRECTLY the process for returning HARDWARE. It states software and video games, music etc cannot be returned. It does not state that HARDWARE cannot be returned. I called the customer care number and spoke with an outsourced employee that i could hardly understand that just kept repeating herself over and over again. I spoke with her supervisor that just repeater herself over and over again. I then spoke with KATHY with corp relations. her id is 7222. my case number on this is I-262073287. No one could give me a straight answer as for the policy for VIDEO GAME HARDWARE, but just kept repeating the same thing "sorry for the problem today sir, but we cannot exchange software or video games" The problem with this is that its NOT A VIDEO GAME. ITS A CONSOLE, A PIECE OF HARDWARE that plays video games and movies. which brings me to my next point. second section of you policy clearly states that "camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD players and portable ELECTRONICS are subject to a 15% restocking fee. THESE ARE PIECES OF HARDWARE! Therefor you policy is misdirecting and either needs to change or NEEDS TO CHANGE and be more clear. I stopped shopping at walmart and wanted to shop with target. I made a bad mistake when I chose to spend my hard earned money with you. It will not happen again unless resolve with this matter is not taken care of. I am unhappy with the product. It is slow, freezes, and honestly is not a good piece of equipment, and to sell something like this for 499 plus tax is CRAZY. now according to your employees I am stuck with a piece of *** that I just bought on 11/06/07. TODAY IS 12-24-07. If i can get resolve on this issue you will save a customer. If not, then it will be the last time I step foot in a target store. The policy is in my favor as a customer and is not worded correctly in this situation, so therefor I should be entitled to my refund.

thank you and have a merry christmas

Chris Surrett

Monetary Loss: $540.

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Maybe you should try reading the return policy correctly.

Gardendale, Alabama, United States #1644

I would love the corporate complaint contact info if you have it.


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