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Update by user Dec 20, 2015

I was going to update my story on what happened when I spoke to corporate.. the story goes way past what I wrote.

When I wrote what I wrote, I was upset and needed to vent. However, What happened afterwards is unbelievable. I still stand that Target CORPORATE has horrible customer service. Do not get it twisted..

Ive delt with some nice people that really tried to help me, but at the end of the day they couldn't help me because they weren't corporate. To the two people who are putting me down about my complaint, I am aloud to complain all I want.. thats what this website is for. You have no place to tell me if I was right or wrong because you weren't on the phone with me and you do not know the full situation.

You may see what I wrote as 'petty' but you'll never understand until your in my shoes.. Therefore I will not be updating my story (even though I feel its important to really understand what happened) and I will mark this as resolved because there is no point in going back and forth with a whole bunch of miserable strangers that feel they need to put their two cents in. To everyone else, just be careful shopping around the holidays.

As for me, i'm going back to Walmart.

I will never shop at Target again. Happy Holidays everyone, be safe.

Original review posted by user Dec 11, 2015

I do a lot of online shopping and I have NEVER had a bad experience like this:

I am a single mother of a 6 month old. I was in need of my essentials such as lotion, shampoo, etc. The Target in my area happens to be located next to our mall and all other popular shopping centers. Because of the holiday season, I did not want have to take my daughter out into the holiday madness plus it is too cold for her outside. Therefore, I decided to do my shopping online at Target. I purchased around 15 items totaling a little over $100. I received a confirmation number and a confirmation e-mail. After that, I assumed that my order was complete. About 3-4 hours late, I got a notification from my bank explaining that I had gone below a certain amount in my checkings account. I thought to myself that that was impossible because I should of had a certain amount in there to pay 2 bills. I checked my account and sure enough, Target had charged me twice for the same order!!!! I immediately called customer service. I got the worse customer service ever! The lady (MJ) told me there was NOTHING she could do for me and that I would just have to wait until the items came in and take it back to the store to try to get a refund. (Even thought it was their fault). After arguing with her for a good half hour, I demanded to speak to a manager.. Well I got a supervisor (William). He wasn't any help either. He told me to just refuse the package when it got delivered and then when it arrived back to the warehouse, they would just refund my money. I argued with him for a good half hour as well. I finally demanded corporate's number. It was too late to call corporate that night so I called the finally morning. Guess who picked up the phone??? it was MJ the original representative I spoke to! Seriously? I asked her why was I speaking to her and she told me because corporate does not have a direct phone number. Why wouldn't William tell me that last night? If customer service has to transfer you to corporate, why wouldn't William just do that? Sounds like a load of BS to me!!!! So anyway I argued with MJ some more and I was making so many valid points that all you heard were crickets on the phone because she had absolutely nothing to say! She told me to call back at a certain time so I could speak to corporate... hmmm still waiting!!!! No corporate!!!

This is my problem with everything:

1. I was only given ONE confirmation number and e-mail, meaning that I should only have ONE order... Target keeps telling me I have two orders.. who is to say that they didn't steal from me??????

2. I was told to wait till all the shipment arrives to take it into a Target store and TRY to get a refund... Um first of all if I wanted to go into a Target store I would have done that in the first place!

3. I have no receipt or confirmation order number or email to take back the so called "SECOND" order back.

4. It is the holiday season, meaning UPS and FedEx packages DO NOT arrive on time, they are so busy and backed up. So does that mean I have to wait a few weeks to get my money back? I have BILLS to pay!

5.How the *** do I know which items to keep and which to take back if I don't have twp confirmation numbers?

6. I was also told to refuse the package, how can I refuse a package if I'm never home??? I work a full time job.

7. When you buy something in the store, you return it in the store. When you buy something with cash, you get refunded with cash, if you buy something on a credit card, you get refunded on that same card. I purchased something online therefore my money should be refunded back on my card. I should not have to go to a store or jump through hoops of fire to get my money back.


Oh and by the way, as I am typing this I am on hold to try to connect to someone... its been 45 minutes... This fight is far from over.

I apologize for any grammatical mistakes because I am too mad to proof read my work.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $115.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service sucks.

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You say that Target admitted that they were wrong. How do we know that you are telling the truth. You falsely accused one person who told you that you were wrong of working at Target, so if you are going to lie and claim someone whom you don't know works at Target how do we know you are telling the truth when you claim Target admitted to fault.


Just because someone tells you that you are wrong does not mean that they work for Target. How do we know you are not lying about this whole thing.

After all you falsely accused someone of working for Target. If you can lie like this how do we know you are not telling other lies. The issue is YOU were in the wrong, and by someone using common sense to tell you this does not mean they work for Target. It would be like me telling you that you only made this up because you were arrested for shoplifting at Target, or fired from Target.

Grow up, just because someone tells you that you are wrong when you are wrong does not mean that they work for Target. You have a child now, it is about time you grew up so you can set a better example for your baby when she gets older.

to Anonymous #1081536

I'm sorry and you are..? Exactly.

Don't bring my child in it. I know how to act around my child. You or that other person do not know me. And again, I wasn't in the wrong..

Target was. They even admitted to being Wrong. This story goes way past what I originally wrote. My problem is the way they handle their customer service.

Now I'm not the only one complaining about target and their customer service but for some reason my post seems to be getting singled out. So if you don't agree with my opinion, state yours and keep it pushing.

to Anonymous #1081538

And for the last time, I don't consider leaving a baby in the car, in cold weather where she cannot suffer from heat stroke as bad parenting. All of you shut up. I am being harassed by a bunch of losers who call themselves men.

to Anonymous #1081539

Yeah I am the one that she claims works for Target. I DO NOT WORK FOR TARGET.

I am simply telling this woman she is in the wrong. Before she accuses me of being a cowardly man for telling her she is wrong. I am female. I am female.

I do not work for Target. The OP needs to get that through her thick skull.

If our posts offend her she needs to stop replying back. I agree she needs to grow up now that she has a child.

to Anonymous Frisco, Texas, United States #1083873

Oh my goodness! Who are?

This sight is for customers that are upset at target! What did you think you would read... Good experiences about Target! Come on.

I don't have much against Target, eigther! ... But come on look at the website address. Use some common sense!

Bye Target Employee a.k.a Felica!!!

Hey dumb dumb!!!

She said they double charged her card! Go back to 1st grade, dumb dumb!

to Anonymous #1083871

Oh my goodness! Who are?

This sight is for customers that are upset at target! What did you think you would read... Good experiences about Target! Come on.

I don't have much against Target, eigther! ... But come on look at the website address.

Use some common sense! Bye Target Employee a.k.a Felica!!!


You do realize that poor customer service representative has EXTREME limitations on their capabilities right? And more to the point, chances are she didn't work directly for target!

She and the manager who had the unfortunate displeasure of speaking with your rude *** were just doing their job trying to make a living, instead of being an understanding human being working for a resolution you simply rose your voice, whined and bitched at innocent people who had nothing to die with the mess up, and we're giving you what information they had. It's not any benefit to them to not assist you, your self centered egotistical flawed perceptions are the only thing saying other wise.

You're a rude human being and deserve misfortune as a result, it's called karma, now it's yours... Live with it

to Anonymous #1081429

first of all, this is corporate issue I am dealing with. I haven't been able to update my story.

It's not longer about the representatives. I did everything target wanted me to do, so I could get my refund. Corporate promised my full refund, and at the end they just ended up screwing me. Second, I don't know where you get off calling me out my name..

You don't know me or know how the situation really went down. So God Bless, Happy Holidays.

to Anonymous #1081481

And I'm sure you couldn't begin to understand my story unless you were in the same situation. I've been on both sides, I've worked customer service, I know how to take care of a customer.

You would've begin to know what it's like to be in my shoes in that situation. Your not even worth arguing with, why you picked to start *** with me on my review is beyond me..... But anyway TARGET CORPORATE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS, I WILL NOT SPEND ANOTHER DIME IN THAT STORE EVER AGAIN, AND YOUR OPINIONS ARE IRREVELANT. Don't waste your time responding because it's pointless.

This review and situation has absolutely nothing to do with you. Go on about your merry life and happy holidays.

to Anonymous #1083876

I bank with Wells Fargo and they're really good wbout crediting me the money for many fraudulent charges. Have you tried reporting it as fraud through your bank? I hope this helps and I'm sorry that there are so many rude people that don't understand what the web address is ;-) you have a great night

to Anonymous Frisco, Texas, United States #1083874

I think you're the *** MJ

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