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I am so angry I have no idea what to do, every year we go to the temple the day before Christmas as our tradition. It is our day, and every year for the past few years my husband hasnt been able to go.

And this year the temple is holding a celebration for us that very day- what kind of discrimination is this?! What can I possibly do, we never complained before. We never complained when they took his hours on our anniversary, on our birthdays, on days where he is alone working the truck while all the other people have it off. He works the truck all the time, they schedule him to only work the truck and the freezer.

His knees keep giving out and they wont acknowledge the doctor stating he shouldnt be in the freezer anymore! What kind of sick, deprived discrimination is this?!

why does he have to close up- why do they only tell him to be flexible when they give everyone else their wanted schedules? This is terrible bias discrimination towards a worker!

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the CEO's email and phone # 612-696-6234 here is his assistants too and phone # 612-696-6243

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #759046

Doesn't sound like discrimination to me. Target is under no requirement to give an employee exactly what they want when they want it.

They're running a business.

Don't like it? Get a job elsewhere like the other 99.99% of people in the world.

Von Ormy, Texas, United States #759013

Honey this is not discrimination. Discrimination would be if they allowed your husband to go because of his religion.

If they allowed him special treatment because of his religion. Also perhaps they reason they are pushing your husband around is because he cannot fight his own battles. He needs his wife to fight for him. This does not make him much of a man does it.

A man should stand up for his wife not the other way around. Tell him to grow a pair of balls and fight for himself. None of this is discrimination.

This is all about a man who cannot fight his own battles. A man whose wife has to pamper him and treat him like he is five years old.


For someone that is so obviously passionate about religion, you should know G-d is everywhere and will understand when someone can't get the time off work. Be grateful for the job!

Many people are struggling and hungry and are not as fortunate to even have a job they want to go to and would gladly miss a day at Temple with friends and family, if only their prayers will someday be answered and get that job. Hey, maybe your husband will get fired over this and, Yay!

Someone else will get a job! Cool :-) Happy Holidays!

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