To me Target is a great store as long as you do not have to work for them. They slave drive their employees.

Alot of them do not have educations. Except for the store managers. They are just as bad as Walmart. They do not practice diversity to me.

They do not pay as much as Walmart but Target will have you cleaning toilets. That work is hard. They also have terriable practices like talking about another employee personal issues over the walkie talkie. If that is not ghetto.

The store that i worked at was dirty. I would not work in a *** hole like that ever again!!!!!

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I'm a bit late to this one, but I agree 100%. Luckily, I was only hired as a seasonal employee when I was in high school and I didn't have to work at Target for very long; however, it was a horrible experience (mostly because of the managers) and I would never consider applying for a permanent job there.

I haven't worked at Walmart, but I know people who have worked at both Target and Walmart and they unanimously agree that Walmart is better (and they didn't like Walmart very much). I really do pity the people who have to work at Target.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #922709

My daughter worked for Target in Colorado Springs, the way the treat their employees us absolutely despicable. I will NEVER shop there again!


Those don't like your jobs why not quit?

Palm Desert, California, United States #864510

Store 1204 in schertzTX, constantly over worked and never enough team member. We are expected to complete all tasks as if we have full staff even when 2 are missing!

The store will work us 45 hours one week and 25 next as they need never by what we do. The availability is a joke, it's not real! U can put in availability for college then denied and have to beg for it!

Target is all about their goals of $ each day and red cards. Every day the team leads constantly push us to sell but never ask us how we are or care if a staff member is absent!


I worked for target for three years. My final year there was at their Starbucks.

They are too cheap to staff accordingly so I would be stuck alone for hours alone dealing with a rush all alone. 10 people in line for one person all because target was too cheap to pay other people. I deserved a raise running around all day, taking orders, making drinks, cleaning all by myself. I would have to close for breaks and get yelled at by customers when I came back for not being open.

Ugh. The annual raise is a joke I never knew anyone who got higher than 50 cents. The LOD's ETL's are also really rude and mean to level one employees. There is no hope of advancement if you are level one.

It doesn't matter how great of an employee you are they won't promote you.

they can afford to pay more and have starbucks staffed with all the money they make. The LOD's and ETL's just don't care only about their bonuses at the end of the year.


I agree with everyone here. Target is a horrible place to work.

Especially if you are trying to get an eduction and work at the same time. I've been with target for 3 years now and I can honestly said it has turned to complete garbage. I work back in the electronics department, being 21 I have a very extensive knowledge of all the product and all the jazz back there. Just save the trouble and apply somewhere else.

If you work back in the electronics department you'll be treated like you make commission, they expect you to sell a warranty, or "accessory" with each elgible item you sell and if you don't they will scold you for it, or just make you feel like s**t for the longest time. And let's be real you can't force something down a consumers throat, that will cause them to not want to come back I know that's how I would feel. And as for the slave work I agree. Back in my department I'm responsible for thousands of dollar of merchandise and zoning 4 different areas, two being MASSIVE areas and two being more understandable while also worrying about the needs of "guests".

Getting paid 9 dollars for all this is insulting. I have two buddies that work at lowes who do half the work I do and make 11-12 dollars and hour. They like to say the guests are our first worry but yet complain when your zones aren't done and or aren't up to par. As for flexibility, a piece of steel pipe is more flexible.

During the holidays like Christmas many of us know that college stundents have finals they need to take and study for. I remember multiple time I had to stay at work till one during December I had to stay at work till 1 and had finals at 8 or 9 in the morning and if you tell an lod or ETL that they just brush it under the rug and forget about you. So while you are trying to better yourself and get an education they want to keep you as late as they can and work you like a mule. Also my girlfriend works at target to just finished up her schooling and has the same 4 year degree our STL has, yet our STL only offered her a GSA postion at a dollar increase.

So while all these other lods have less schooling and are making more than her, they only wanted to offer her 9 dollars with a 4 year business and maganemeny degree. There is one good thing about target though. SOME of the employees.

I have made a lot of really close friends with a lot of salesfloor and yes some lods. We all share common interests and see the faults so it makes it somewhat bareable.


I had an interview with them and was appalled at how little they pay. They try to pay you minimum wage even if you have had experience in retail some place else for multiple years.

I worked at a Lowe's making almost 10.00 and hour as a stocker and started off at 8.50 and before that worked at Goody's Family Clothing making 9.00. I saw online at GlassDoor.Com they pay 11.00 an hr to be a stocker with experience. Boy was that site wrong. They said they wanted to hire me for 7.25 an hour and refused to pay more based on experience.

Then told me I would get 12 hours a week with a max of 20 when I applied for Full Time. And said you will be reviewed for a performance in 6 months with at moat a 7% pay increase. They seriously thought I was going to accept that?!

This is not the 90's you cheap bastards. They wasted my time and was not about to waste anymore as I can go back to my other job.

to Target ***ks #847531

The raise is a joke you can't buy a soda shove up your *** lod and tl


I currently work for Target. Tremendous turn over in employees due to their *** wages & their constant pushing a small work force to do more & more.

Hours suck. They offer a flexible schedule - not true. They have these "huddles" where they tell you how much money they made the day before -(who gives a *** when you pay your employees minimum wage!) They use the words "awesome & amazing" so much I want to puke. You have a walkie talkie strapped to your waistband and have to listen to someone constantly telling you to "move with a sense of urgency" - are you kidding.

If you like to pick up after people then this is the job for you. Worst place of employment I've ever had.

Me and 85% of the people I work with are always looking for other jobs. Target you suck as an employer & get what you pay for!

to jen #981773

Push push push..pick stuff up constantly. Required to clean spills on the floor?

Really? Beg customers to apply for red cards to save 5%, give me a break,whats the interest on the card 21%. They also expect you to race to the check lanes to cashier...they yap on the *** walkie talkies your entire shift. The store will never play music, they say it distracts the "guest"!

WTF? ....Way to much stress. Target has been my worst job ever. So, after biting my tongue for sometime, I decided in the middle of my shift to say I quit and walked out.

I hate that place and will never look back!!


It is the worst place ever! I worked there for 2 two yrs and bent backwards for them came in when they needed me to and slaved over that store!

They would treat us like *** and made sure we would lose hrs so they could get there big bucks at the end ... What kinda of managment is that? To *** on ppl that work hard while u sit n an office ? They accused me of stealing which hello look at the cameras I didn't so they called the cops and now I have stealing on my record !!!

Over nothing I did all they wanted was a big bust so they could get there big break.... So u jut pick someone and ruin there life?

That's not a store that's ppl that *** on you so you can look good ill never go there again not my family or friends ... Half the ppl I worked with quit after I got charged over for nothing .


target is great i love it aeropostale sucks ***


I was just let go from a target district job for going to court! I was in AP and part of my job was going to court.

I loved my job and i was on a fast track to be an ETL-AP i was an IS until about a week ago when my boss, whom I havent seen or spoken to in 2 months showed up and fired me for not telling him about me going to court, and also that i should not have been paid drive time... my position was paid for drive time after 45min, and atlanta traffic is weird, some days no traffic other days you will sit for about an hour b/c of well anything really.... During my termination he asked why i was a "ncns" i told him i wasnt and that i was actually off that day and showed my schedule, and he said thats not the correct schedule (it was b/c I made the sched.) he then asked if i was too hungover to show up.... totally unacceptable.

All of this happened three days after he was yelled at by his boss about a policy that he made up and i spoke up about it....

I wish i had not taken the promotion to work for someone that i never see or who can make something up.....

But i met a lot of great people and gained some awesome experience, so the way i see it is Target took a loss with losing me and found another job the next day with more pay... Just FYI dont get your boss yelled at and you will be okay at Target



The management is pushing you do do more work. Well you are paid to work not goof around.


I worked at Target for a year and a half during college and it was a miserable experience. I was in the backroom and the way management treated us was ****ed up.

They would always be pushing us to do more work including sales floor and register work while cutting down our amount of backroom guys. They would then proceed to get on us for the backroom getting in bad shape as a result. As someone else said all our equipment was broken or near broken. I did a lot of unsafe improvisation to get me job done.

The work space was also very racial. It was the management causing most of it, by separating workers by race. I stood up to the team lead once and he "punished" me by giving me some ridiculous tasks for the next two weeks. The management lacked common leadership logic.

They didn't understand how to actually manage anything other then their lunch breaks. Scheduling was also poor, it wasn't uncommon for me to be all alone in the backroom for 4-5 hours to handle the work of three people.

I wouldn't recommend a Target job to anyone. They are no better then Wal-Mart trust me.


For someone who supposedly finish their education you sure have very little education n/a. You want a job you cannot just fool around and have fun.

That thing you call "slave labour" is actually a job. Also they don't just sit at a computer and do nothing they do store work on the computer.

You don't like it when people tell you that you do a bad job yet you like to tell others they do a bad job grow up. With this attitude even with an education you won't find a better job.

to Jedi Knight Ethan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #584140

You sir are a stormtrooper a puppet of the empire and you have no idea what you are talking about however one day the reign of plantation economics will end and you will finally see it is not the jedi way.

to lol #849029

He has a good point the poster he quoted is complaining about ho they are told they are doing a bad job and being lazy yet they accuse the manager of the same.


I work at target in the backroom. And I must say I am happy to be


My education has paid off. But here we go. I have worked here for 8 months and I can tell you right now that this job is not worth the stress. These people make sure that you do not work enough to be qualified for health benefits.

They treat you like slaves and take all of the credit for the work you have done then mock you. They make a joke of there employees. They tell you that they can do a better job then you while they sit on there *** at there computers and then complain when they don't get there work done.on top of tha On top of that they will yell at you in front of the customers. Plus none of the equipment works well.

I would not recommended working at target. If you are planning on working for minimum wage do so somewhere else.

to n/a New York, New York, United States #847526

Target is the worst place ever the Etl's are full of *** there rude and they have no respect for there employees so one needs to bring them down and the team leads are kids with authority issues that go to there head f...k them

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