Today I had to return a blush that did not match with my skin color, I went to look another color and I tried to see the real color,so I opened the box because they did not have a sample on each brand. Then an associate told me that I did not allow to open the box of the products.

How they pretend people buy cosmetics if they do not have available samples for the customers.

Also I trried to explain to the customer service and she was very disinterested. At the end, I just returned the product and I went to look another store that could have samples to try.

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Yonkers, New York, United States #1301995

I think we found someone who has no common sense.....


Ethan, you crack me up lol


Everyone the CEO of JC Penney's is giving homeless drug addict Amy a home if she posts negative responses to Target reviews and encourages you to shop at JC Penney's. In exchange of sex and promoting his company the CEO of JC Penney is providing Amy with a home and cocaine.

He views are biased based on this.

As for the OP, who are you kidding, you are ugly and even makeup won't make you look better. What they should have done was make you pay for the make up you opened and asked you to leave and never return.


Lol Do you know how much money Target loses on people like you ? cosmetics is always our top shortage departments because of theft and because people like you open our cosmetic items and we have to defect them out and throw them away.


I still don't understand Amy's hard on for returning everything and shopping at JCPENNEY'S. my guess is that she's shopping at every story, pretending that they're "Penney's" I can imagine her standing outside of Target holding a sign "do your grocery and electronics and car shopping at Penney's! they don't require receipts so all cheap losers are welcome!"


BTW: IHateStuipdCustomers great response. Daddo likes it. And his opinion matters MORE than anyone else on here! Way to go.

Sincerely, the pot head that makes up stories for attention.

(Too bad they're true.)

To everyone else, follow corporate's policy and open the products they are selling. If it's not right, you won't get your money back so be sure before you give them your hard earned cash.

OR shop at Penneys and a speciality store. They stand behind their reputation.


Too bad Daddo. YouMUST follow corporate's policies. That's the crux of all of the complaints and responses listed on these sites!

Trosky, Minnesota, United States #446201

Good response by IHateStupidCustomers and all others except AMY. Former Target Team Member here with a personal issue for any of what we called The Hills Have Eyes People who come through the store opening packages.

Invariably, after these clowns looked at the merchandise inside, they would insist on buying an unopened box of the same product. I always secretly wished for new packaging that would shoot battery acid in the eyes of offenders.


don't listen to Amy, she just makes up stories for attention. what do you expect from a pothead like her?

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445992

get a job, or better yet after stealing their make up the first time do some whoring so next time you want to work you can pay for your makeup.


When I was told that the inferior products I purchased (believing there were as advertised), I was told it was my fault that I did NOT open the boxes and check the quality inside.

I was so hacked off Icalled the corporate office from the customer service department in the store. Corporate told me the same thing.

They said it was my fault because I did NOT open theboxes and check them out for myself before I left the store.

Now I recommend to everyone to follow the corporate's instructions - open EVERY box before you give them your money. It's their policy. All we have to do is follow their instructions.

Next time, take it up with the assocciate that you are just following THEIR CORPORATE INSTRUCTIONS and open every box you need to in order to ensure your purchase. I do and not one associate has challenged me on following Target corporate's advice.


the original poster is a ***. what gives you the right to just open products and try them out?

oh well if they don't have samples, not all stores do. plus it's not like Target is a huge makeup kind of store.

maybe they don't care too much about people like you that feel the need to use 10 pounds of makeup. if you open it up, how is someone else supposed to use it?

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #440206

It is people like you who raise the prices. They have to throw out the package you opened.

Most likely you would have not bought the package you opened.

I saw in another store not Target but another store similar a mother was opening up packages. She was told not to and hit her son blaming him.

She then told her son to tell the manager the employee hit the child. She ended up in lots of trouble with the police because the found out it was her who broke his jaw trying to frame an employee.


Tasha nailed it.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #439804

What is wrong with you. Did your parents not teach you anything.

You don't go around buying things you have not paid for. Perhaps if you explained the situation and asked you would have been allowed to open it or they could have done something about it. But no, you had to act like you are six years old and just open up the package. You did not ask until AFTER you opened up the package.

They handled this wrong though. Instead of telling you not to open the blush they should have made you pay for it.

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