I ordered the Kuerig Elite Single Cup Home Brewing System-K40 on the Thursday (Nov. 28, 2013), they day before Black Friday. According to the promotion, I was supposed to get a $20 gift card via email within 4 hours. 1 day later I called Target.com and they assured me that I would still receive it in 48 hours. 2 days later I receive an email that there would be a delay in receiving the order. A week later I receive an email that they've canceled the item due to more than the expected quantity of orders and that they would "refund" for the amount. This didn't make sense as they were supposed to send me a gift card and they say they canceled..

I called on Dec 6th at 8:01am, and was sent to Mark, who was totally ignorant of anything on Target.com. He kept saying um and what my name was,etc, and put me on hold 4 times, asking the same questions after. At 8:15am, I finally asked whether he could do this or follow through with the gift card and he said that the reason it was delayed that there were more than an expected number of customers. I said I knew that before I spoke to him as this is what the email sent to me said. He then put me on hold for 4 minutes, after which I hung up.

Being very irritated, I called back to speak to a supervisor. I got "Chris" on the line at 8:21am. She said the supervisors were unavailable. I agreed to speak to her while I waited. She completed reloading the gift card by 8:33am. I then asked to speak to the supervisor. I think this scared her. She asked me why and that the supervisor would get her into trouble. I said I wanted to ask the supervisor what was going on with Target.com. It's 8:39am and Chris said there were no supervisors. I said that if she didn't want me any angrier, she better put me through with a supervisor. At 8:42am I finally spoke to Ram (who didn't sound like a Manager, but just a team member, as he fumbled through his words as well), and I said that I wanted a complaint that Mark did not know his work or English for the matter. He said he'd take care of it, and looking at the status of the gift card, I'd have to wait 4-24 hours.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I would start a class action lawsuit. To me it seems that Target is trying to get out of sending the promotional gift cards.

The gift card is a way to lure you into making the purchase. I ordered 3 packs of diapers to receive a $20 gift card. The gift card was supposed to be sent to my email within 4 hours of shipment. Well I received my order 6 days ago, so I should have gotten my giftcard by then.

I received an email today saying that my promotional gift card has been delayed and if I do not accept the new delivery date my gift card will be cancelled. Seriously???? This is horrible business practice. I will open up a class action lawsuit if I do not get my gift card.

To me it seems Target wants you to miss the email and lose the promotion. Very shady and makes me question doing business with them anymore.


Most people forget what was promised in the orders. Stores not just target count on the fact that the customer will not go through as much work/stress that you went through to get your little extra (marketing ploy 101)


If your whole order was canceled, I would assume that meant you wouldn't get the gift card too. I don't know why you would think you should get the gift card when your whole order had been canceled.

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