Update by user Feb 10, 2016

Complaint was resolved to my satisfaction.

Original review posted by user Feb 05, 2016

I bought a product that turned out to be defective WITHIN 2 weeks of regular use.

I called target and complained, and I got disconnected twice. The customer service reps were very rude, no one ever apologized for selling crappy products or that I have to spend time to get any resolution...

Needless to say, i spent 2+ hours before I get to a representative John (ID 111 256), who claims to be a manager of some sort-and he HANGS UP on me in the middle of conversation by saying: Im going to hang up now.

WOW. I paid full price for defective product--and this is what you get.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Rude customer service that after lengthy process HANGS up in the middle of conversation. Just terrible..

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I own a small store and I train my employees to disengage from any customer that is using profanity, acting aggressively, or being just plain disrespectful. If the customer will not calm down or refuses to change their attitude, they are asked to leave.

If they refuse to leave the police are called to escort them off the property.

I also trek them that of someone is yelling at them or using profanity on the phone to hang up because they don't have to put up with that. I am more than happy to try to find a resolution for an upset or dissatisfied customer, but when they start being disrespectful then I just don't have time for them.


I went in the store, this is an update, and I asked the manager why he hung up on me. He said it was because I was using profanity.

It does not matter, the customer is always right and if I am angry about the product than I have a right to use profanity. I asked that he allow me to return the products and he said he would be willing to help as long as I am respectful, and if I am not respectful he would call security and kick me out of the store.

I told him to call security, they are not authorized to kick me out of the store. I told them I would not be returning without a gift card for my troubles, and they called the police on me and I was embarrassed because some of my neighbors were shopping there as well and they heard me use profanity which embarrassed me because I rarely ever swear.

to Anonymous #1108688

Well you have n right using profanity towards anyone, and I seem to think that the people running this site seem to think it is okay to treat retail employees badly because they delete any comments that tell people off. Shame on them. They also promote, hatred and towards the disabled, and other homophobia, and racism.

to Anonymous #1114512

The customer is NOT always right. That is a *** 50 year old saying that never made sense in the first place.

If you are always right, then the employees have to always be wrong. Not true, when you are being abusive, even as a customer you are dead wrong.

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