I've ordered some gifts for Christmas from target.com.i was supposed to get 3 items.when i was placing the order.it didn't want to take a p.o.box so put in my physical address.so i got 1 item in the mail to my p.o.box.I'm tracking the rest of the items and 2 is,for some reason,delivered to California(when i live in Colorado) and some person named Gomez signed to receive the item.I'm calling to see whats going on,they tell me that I'll get a refund for that item.3 item was supposed to be delivered to my p.o.box as well(for some other mysterious reason)for the whole week i was checking my p.o.box for any notice that the item is there.nothing.i called today(Dec.4/2012) they told me that the package is at my local post office and they gave a tracking number.i went to the post office.nothing is there and they couldn't find item by the tracking number.I'm calling target again and they tell me that the item is on the way back to a warehouse.I'm asking why did that happened,that i didn't receive any notice on the item being on my p.o.box and they tell me delivery left me a notice and I'll get refunded.such a hassle for nothing.so disappointing.the worst experience ever.

Monetary Loss: $63.

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