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I was at Target in Marshfield Wisc 08/18/17 and bought four mega size ultra charmin toilet paper had two packs on the top of cart and two on the bottom and went to pay for them plus other stuff and told the clerk i had four of them but i didnt look for not thinking one could of feel off pushing the cart all over in the store. Anyway went to put my items in my trunk and had 3 packs so i figured one must of fill off so went back in the store and told the lady about it and she got a supervisor and checked the video and said there was three on top and one on the bottom i wanted to see the video but she said i couldn't she acted like i was lying so i said check my car and she didnt and then a worker had found my toilet paper that i paid for ultra soft by the purses etc. on the floor and the manager still didnt want to give it to me so i stood there 25 to 30 minutes trying to get back what i paid for and finally she said i guess you can have it and i said i had to go threw *** to get back what was mine and she said at least you got it back :( Worst experience in my life and that store use to be my favorite lol what a joke and a nightmare :( Also if you buy anything with coupons there make sure you plan on keeping the items for if you return anything they will keep the money you saved with coupons there crooks if you ask me !

Review about: Target Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: An apologie and that person fired .

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All of this could have been avoided by you making sure you had your stuff in your cart. Simple as that.

No the employee shouldn't have been rude, but with the amount of theft that happens in these stores I don't at all blame them for being suspicious when you specifically say 4 and then come back and say you only got 3. Next time pay more attention to what is in your cart.


You stated to the employee you had 4, and they trusted that you knew how many you had, and gave you the benefit of the doubt. You got charged for the 4 you stated.

You lost one. Maybe next time count how many of the item you actually have, or better yet let them do their job and just ring up the stuff on the belt. That way nothing is charged that is not there actually.

It amazes me how many people I see who don't want to take the time to put their items on the belt, like their suppost to. Oh well, lesson learned.

to aliens_amoung_us #1362480

Are you the worker that was the that did not do your job correct if not mind your own business for this has been turned into the main target center and she more then lightly will be fired for they were very upset with manager it was not my fault at all so take that and chew on it for awhile it's because people like you are what makes this world like it is !!!!'

to Judy Stillman 55 #1362483

Also I was told not to put all them on the belt they just wanted one !

to Judy Stillman 55 #1364084

Nope, don't work for them and not female. Namecalling, didn't expect anything less from someone like you.

And you put this out on the Internet so if you don't want feedback don't post it.

Just goes to show what kind of a person you truly are, and you haven't learned anything. Good day to the likes of you.

to Judy Stillman 55 #1364799

"more then lightly"

how do you get "lightly" confused with "likely" ?????

to Judy Stillman 55 #1365007

she more then lightly will be fired for they were very upset with manager ...

What the heck does that mean????

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