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I tried on an item in the Target store (a bedroom slipper) and it fit, but I wanted another color so I went online to Target and ordered it there. When it arrived (it took weeks), though there was NO SIZE marked on it, it was obviously too small as it didn't fit.

There was also no size indicated on the shipping slip. but it was clear they sent the wrong one. There was NO PHONE NUMBER on the shipping slip to call so I had to go online to find it, which was annoying. You can't believe how bad their phone customer service is.

Target uses a call center operated from outside the US and the person I spoke to barely understood English. When I asked if I could return the item to the store, the person told me "no." I cannot believe this. I actually think that must be wrong and am going to try and return it.


Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

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I too had the worst experience ever but mine was in-store. There is absolutely no reason to treat paying customers so badly, but they continue to do so.

Learning the system at Target, should I ever need something that only Target sells, I intend to work within their policies. The best way to beat a system to is work within it.

Oh - and how I intend to work within their system. (That is assuming I find myself in the most untenable position of having to deal with them again ever).

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