I spend thousands of dollars a year here I returned a skirt without a receipt and they issued me a merchandise credit. I told them I paid cash and when and what date and they said its fine the return will go on the card.

I called this am and they said bring in the receipt so asset protection can review the purchase and they have the merchandise I BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am furious and feel interogatted I cant wait to go there. Any other person could sue the company because this is HORRIBLE customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am mortified.

They told me with a year period I can only return 70$ worth of stuff without a receipt. Get a grip Target your gonna lose all your customers and go down like toys r us and all the other stores......................................................................................

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $7.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Go get your pacifier and calm the heck down! Why should any store allow you to make a return without a receipt?

It's unacceptable that you think it's okay to do that. Keep your receipt like everyone else and you won't have this problem.


Just keep your receipt and you will have zero issue...


Oh god, whenever I see/hear the words "I spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year here" I just know I'm in for a full blown entitlement tantrum. Your "thousands of dollars" don't entitle you to special treatment. I spend "thousands of dollars" at my own employers establishment, and I must stick to the rules just like everybody else.

to JellyDoll #1515033


to Anonymous #1515055

Thank you for your succinct and insightful comment. You have added so much to this conversation with your unique observation.

to JellyDoll #1519693

Why must you confuse Customer Service with a sense of entitlement? Please explain.

to Anonymous #1520804

Please explain? I believe the rules speak for themselves. No receipt, no return.

to JellyDoll #1521054

Rules are irrelevant when they contrast with customer service. Rules that alienate the customer are rules to failure in the Retail or Customer Service industry.

to Anonymous #1521322

Then you shouldn't sign a contract agreeing to abide by those rules if you have no intention of following them. Duh.

to Anonymous #1525377

"Customer service" doesn't magically allow an employee to break the rules and policies their employer expects them to follow.If the customer service rep you're speaking to is working for a company that requires a receipt in order to give you a return, guess what? You're not getting your return without a damn receipt!People tend to forget that stores are NOT required to have any kind of return policy in the first. At most, the law requires the company to make sure that their return policy (or lack of one) is displayed in a way that allows customers to easily find and comprehend it.


Many stores have this same policy. No receipt = no cash refund. Try being responsible.


You can’t sue for bad customer service. You had no receipt so no MONEY!!

Store credit only. Next time save the receipt.

Easily done by having a receipt box every month. Tardlette!


Little girl you lost your receipt, and the could not give you your money back. This is why they have to give you a store credit.You cannot sue for terrible customer service and even if you could, this is not terrible customer service.

Next time give mommy or daddy your receipt for safe keeping.

They are not going to lose service because stores need receipts to return this. Also though you are not admitting this little girl, it is obvious that this is not the first time you lost your receipt because you did not give it to mommy or daddy.


Since you Do Not like their return policy, complain to their Corporate Headquarters.Corporate Headquarters determines what their return policy is.So send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters.That information is found on their website.


Stores don't give back cash without a receipt and limit returns without a receipt to deter shoplifters. Shoplifters love to steal items and return them ideally for cash.

As stores give you a receipt with every purchase you should have one when you return a product.

I don't think you will find many other stores that don't have a similar return policy. Learn to keep your receipts until you are sure you want the item or the warranty has expired.

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