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Threshold Apron does not have the right washing instructions and it damaged all my new / nice dresses. When I called the Guest relations, they asked me to talk to the Customer Care and when I visited the Customer Care, they asked me to talk to the Guest relations.

They gave me the company number and no one responds! I wanted someone mature enough in Target to look into these damages.

Why carry these substandard products at a hefty price ranges at Target! What kind of tests have been conducted to certify their acceptance as quality product?


Monetary Loss: $150.

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Anonymous, sorry to hear that you are yet about another victim of Target.

You can try to get help, and I wish you well in that endeavor, but you need to know that Target will not stand behind the products they sell, and they will not help you.

Good luck, but those of us cheated by Target know the run around they give instead of help. I don't hold out much hope of a happy conclusion to this matter.

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