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Be very careful folks. Target runs your credit without you knowing it.

They are using the so called discount card to get into your bank, run your credit and use you info any way they like. Tell me this is legal and I will eat my hat. Please let everyone you know to not apply for this card and if they are smart they will stop going into Target all together. Stand up people.

Don't let this bully company do this to us. I called them of this and they hang up on you even when your just asking why they did it.

One call center person said "oh this thing again" like they had others call on this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

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It says on the machine before you sign that they do a credit check on the credit and debit card applications. You just need to read.

They do this because if you overdraw your account and have a bad credit history, they don't let you have a card so that they don't lose money.

Bottom line is.. you just have to read.

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They also fail to tell new Redcard registrants that they don't take the payment out of your account for up to a week. Many customers told me they assumed the payment came out the same way it does when they use their other "debit" cards (Target calls their card a debit card so this assumption is understandable).

Unfortunately, they take it out a week after the purchase causing some customers to incur a $30+ charge from Target plus another $30+ charge from their banks in addition to their purchase.

What they do is legal, just not ethical. (Same is true for their advertising).

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