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I've have a red card.I was going out of town so I called to pay large amount on my credit card so I could have it when out of town, was told if paid $500.00 on card cud use it in 48 hours, got out of town and tried to use it, and they never let it go through. Called then and was told because of the amt of the payment they held it for 10 days.

They lied. Then after the payment they reduced the amt of the card. Will never use them ever. Spoke to a supervisor who didn't speak English very well and she told me, because of new credit card practices, there is nothing about holding a payment for 10 days when I've always paid more than the minimum amount on a card.

They are a rip off. Their interest rate has gone up and they also charge you $39 if you are a minute late. I am through using them. Then to top it all off, after I made that $500 payment,.

I made such a stink over it, that then sent me a letter telling me that they decreased my credit limit, get this by the amount that I paid. I've been with them for years and this is the way I get treated.

I don't even feel good about going into their stores any more.

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:( Really confused about why my Target Red Card credit limit was reduced with no notification whatsoever, and it made it look like I was trying to go over my limit, when I had no idea limit was reduced.

My credit limit was 2000. I have been using it a lot with travel and helping my son with baseball instruction and prospect camps at a formative time of his life before high school.

I use it because it's convenient, and I was thinking, if I use it and pay it on time, it would help to build up my credit on my ONLY card I have after my divorce.

So all this year, I have been using it, and paying it all the way off. Last month, I had a couple of hotel tell stays, equipment and baseball camps on it....totally paid if off. So this month, same thing is going on, and I go to get lunch while son is at baseball camp, and it was declined. So I get online and find, with no notice (they HAVE my email and phone), they reduced my credit limit by $500, and it looked like those transactions were over limit! My bill is not late, and plan to pay the entire thing off, but am so PISSED they do this *** with no notification or reason, other than some computer generated risk assessment that prompted them to reduce my credit limit?

Like I said, really confused.

Trelleborg, Skane, Sweden #213874

They did the same thing to me. Absolutely disgusting.

I have perfect credit, have never been late, frequently make payments before the due date and in amounts larger than due. But this time, they really screwed me. I made a $200 payment 2 weeks before the due date; had some extra money and wanted to have the credit available for Christmas shopping because I like the store, their prices, and the discount Red Card holders are SUPPOSED to receive. Over the next several days, I checked my balance on-line, the payment posted and came out of my bank acct in apprx.

48 hours. But the available credit number was nonsense! First it showed -$50 available (when I was NOWHERE near my credit limit), the next day it showed -$5, the next day -$2. Nonsensical numbers that mathematically can't be arrived at by taking the original balance and deducting the payment.

Every day I called customer service. First day the representative told me they were "having problems with the website", changing numbers didn't mean anything, don't worry. Next day, a different, obviously offshore representative said payments can be "held" for 3-4 days to prevent reversal from the bank. Except that by now it had been 5 business days!

Next day, yet another non-English-speaking representative said they had the right to hold payments up to 14 DAYS!!!! to prevent reversal from the bank. Except I called my bank to verify the information, and they told me once a payment was deducted from my account, the bank HAD NO LEGAL RIGHT TO REVERSE unless the CUSTOMER made the request for a legal reason like FRAUD or identity theft. I finally demanded to speak to a supervisor at Target, another non-English-speaker, who sent me an e-mail stating that (buried in the fine print of their 5-page Agreement, but not on the statements or application) is the right to hold a payment for 15 BUSINESS DAYS, or 3 WEEKS!!!

Which means they are holding the payment until THE NEXT STATEMENT CLOSING DATE! All the while they are still charging interest on the balance! At the same time playing around with the credit available figure so you can't use the card at all! So I very pointedly reviewed the information I had received, mentioning that it was now very clear I HAD BEEN LIED TO AT LEAST TWICE!

When I asked if this "hold" is also applied to payments made in cash at the store, I got no response, but another poster says the same thing happened with an in-store cash payment, and the explanation was that "the system can't tell the difference between cash and an electronic payment". Are you kidding me?

And if it's in their "policy rules", how come the "hold policy" has never been applied before on an account in good standing for over 10 years? You can be darn sure I will be paying this card off as soon as possible (and just to rub it in, hopefully with a credit transfer from ANOTHER store) and then closing it and cutting up the card and sending it to headquarters.


You obviously don't listen knucklehead IRISH,I didnt say I don't pay my bill on time, maybe you can't read english, I pay all my bills, but I know that if you go past the date it's suppose to be paid, that they charge you $39.00, so 1 minute or 1 hours after that date you are charged, and thats in the the contract. As far as not understanding the foreigners, I have a problem with most companies that have customer service people that are in india and pakistan, when we are out of so many jobs right here in the United States and if you are an American, it should bother you too.

So, it's obvious you are clueless.

Those are the things that are causing unemployments rates so high, because of cheap labor and a lack of jobs...But would you even know to think of that, common sense should have told you that when I told you I spoke to someone who could not speak english well and also told a lie. You need to wake up and stop spending your time talking about something you know nothing about.....

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #161989

For someone who cannot speak English you seem to know exactly what the non English speaking supervisor said and meant. I am sur the minut late is an exgarattion. You are just someone immature who does not pay on time.


First of all, I worked on my job for 30 years pay all my bills and pay more the minimum amounts on my cards, I also have a credit score of about 725 right now...and have had a card from target since 80. Do I read updates,no why would i do that I have no use for them (smartmouth) I read everything.

I was lied to about what would happen in 48 hours to be able to use my card and I've done it in the past so why should this time be any different. Also, most companies look at the longevity for their customers like Americn Express, they go a little above and beyond for good ones,. you probably wouldn't know about that.

Also, it's obvious you have the wrong person, I'm not the one who made the economy what it is, because everything I own is mind bought and paid for included the high taxes I pay every year, so maybe you are confusing me with you. Also, any updates that I receive, I read, there was nothing about time i takes for a payment to clear because there is nothing that says that, if they reduce your account it's suppose to based on your credit, I've not had that problem and that's why Mr perfect name attorney is on it as we speak...So if you don't know, Ask...


Do you even read contract when you sign them? Do you read contract updates when you get them?

You are part of the reason the country's economy is in the crapper.


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