In my quest to get two wedding present bought I went to the Target web site. I do most of my shopping on line these days & thought it would be quick and easy.

Was constantly knock off & redirected. Even though I was registered, I was asked continuely to register. When I went to "contact us" I was also redirected, as if they didn't want to hear what I had to say. Even the "help" icon was joke.

I just wonder how in 2012, you make a user friendly web-site.

Target you've lost another customer, and I will tell everyone I know. Sheila

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They don't need user friendly websites, they need smarter people who know how to navigate it. Don't blame them just because you are dumb.


sounds like you don't know how to use a computer. I'm sure everyone you know when stop shopping a store for you because I guess you're just that selfish that you need to make the people you know stop shopping.

anonymous, all jokes aside..

I really wish you would just tell us your Target experience. I mean yeah, you'll probably reply with some creepy comment. or some off topic comment about foaming out of the mouth or about how you think everyone on this site needs to see a psychiatrist. but if you at least shared your experience, we could better understand you.

so until then, I'm going to do what I call an "random assumption from the creepy Mississippi ***" and guess that you tried to kidnap a kid from Target and then called the police on you. and then they wouldn't return your used condoms.


I have never had the misfortune of using Target's web site. After my experience with their bricks and mortor store, it convinced me to never deal with them on any level, and I am glad from reading your posting that I didn't have your experience.

I, too, will tell everyone I know how terrible Target is and warn them to stay away from those stores.

Thanks for your warning. I hope it deters many, many people from dealing with them on any serious terms because once you give them your money, happy or not, you're on your own!!

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