This happen on Super Target in Hillside.Like you know this is Xmas season every-one is doing their shopping. That store was empty anyway.

The reason for my complain is when I was at the check-out register, their was one customer behind me(that I remember) but for sure there was one of your employee o(it might be a supervisor, he was wearing a red shirt, usually supervisors and manager wear those)behind the one customer I mentioned before. When the cashier check me out; the other employee was on Customer service and approaching the other one from my register; when I was leaving the one at my register says leave; then the other one told him something; but I turn around immediately i gave him a nasty look. I think this coming because my son apply for a job there, he was hired, then they calling back and told they could not hired (background ) he's not a teen age anymore you learn from your mistake)because of his back-ground. I was with my sister in law and my son; yes that was him my son; My question is that anytime my son or me go to the store they going to be running us.

We do spend money, we don't steel. why treat us like that.

Yes, we are black; And these ignorant was Caucasian. I would like the number for complain of Super target to put a complain.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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What The ***!!!!!

Irvine, California, United States #593096

Lol WTF are you talking about ?!

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #584287

Didn't they teach you how to speak/write in English when you went to your caucasian/black school? Your statement is unintelligible.

:x that made not one bit of sense

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