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The Customer Is Not Always Right: what customers NEED to hear...

***The life and times (and pet peeves) of a cashier/customer service employee/photo lab employee***

1. We can tell when you lie about already having a store credit card when we ask you to open one. Just say "no, thank-you." Unfortunately, it is part of our job to ask. We hate bugging you about it as much as you do.

2. If you buy the item, then take it home already! Customers forget to take their items home with them all the time. A lot of the time, it is because they are on their cell phone and are in their own world, not paying attention to anything.

3. We bag things the way we do for a reason. If we ask if something needs to be in a bag, take a hint: IT PROBABLY DOESN'T NEED ONE! Example: "Would you like to put the bag you just bought in a bag?"

4: Being told you are wrong is not the same thing as someone being rude to you.

5. Everybody should try to be humble- consider the fact that you DID make a mistake. Then you won't seem like an ignorant, selfish ***.

6. Read the *** coupons correctly. Example: "Buy one, get one free" coupons do NOT exist for $50 items!

7. If the light's not on, THE REGISTER IS CLOSED.

8. It does not matter who rings up your items. So stop being a racist pig about it.

9. No, we do not have a bag big enough to carry the 52" TV you just bought. And no, it will not fit in the SmartCar you drive.

10. "No dogs allowed in the store" goes without saying.

11. Pay attention to the expiration dates on the coupons. Not all stores accept expired coupons. The expiration date is on there for a reason!

12. If we ask to see an ID because you are buying an age-restricted item, we're not trying to invade your privacy. We're just following the law, so don't take it out on us!!!

13. Next time I see you leave a shopping cart in the middle of the street, I'm gonna smash one into your car. THE CART CORRALS ARE THERE FOR A REASON.

14. We know when you try to scam us by returning a new box with a broken item in it, or by using coupons on everything you buy.

15. We know when you lie about the price you say the item you think it's supposed to be. We also know when you switch the tags on the item to try and get a lower price.

16. Even if you're not lying, you still shouldn't not pay attention to the price and then *** about it when you find out what it really costs.

17. We KNOW the water fountain is broken. Hence the OUT OF ORDER sign in front of it!

18. Didn't you ever teach your kids not to scream/goof off in public/steal/lie/deface public property? If you won't discipline them, then one day the police will.

19. Yes, that dress WILL make you look fat.

20. Yes, that ice cream has sugar in it and will MAKE you fat.

21. If the employee is only a teen, don't call her "Ma'am." she doesn't want to feel so old!

22. We do make mistakes, but we still do everything we do for a reason. We do this for a living. We're only human, but we're not

idiots. I mean, would you really shop at a store run by idiots?

23. GET OFF THE CELL PHONE ALREADY!!! How can you be so rude?

24. You say that you have shopped at our store or years and have spent thousands of dollars, but you aren't aware of the 90 day return policy or the price match policy? ***. You can't make up your own rules to go with policies and laws.

25. Post a legitimate complaint. A complaint against a store because you were arrested for shoplifting? Get a life, and stop blaming everyone else for your problems.

26. The Holiday season is a BUSY time of year! Therefore, you may not get the item you wanted on Black Friday, or any other day in the busy shopping season. During the holiday season, we will run out of items, the store will be packed with people, and we can't help you as quickly as usual. GET USED TO IT.

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Dear Hollywood1919 - Thank you for your posting regarding your work at Target.It seems as though you are a dedicated employee and deal with the public with the respect we'd like to deal with Target's staff in return.

I absolutely have not had the pleasure of dealing with such a clerk such as yourself. Target perpetratred a bait and switch against me and the staff I had to deal with was absolutely the worst employees I have ever met. I hope people heed your wish list for the services you render for them. I believe if all Target employees were treated with the decency you are asking for, then perhaps it would be a retailer worth dealing with.

Target is in despirate need of customer service lessons at the very least.

I hope for your sake that your customers heed your requests, and for my sake, that Target heeds mine.

Again, thank you for your posting.


Whoa you told us!Look you earn a paycheck.

Either suck it up or go get on welfare.

Quit telling the public how to shop at Target.Who died and made you boss of Target?


Well, you told us!Now here are some suggestions for you, suck it up or get on welfare.

You get a paycheck.Quit laying out orders for the general public to please you.


In terms of where things are in a store, it is fair to ask the question and people are paid to answer it.I was one of the people paid to answer it.

For example, at the targeted I worked at, the shampoo was seperate body wash, by over 30 aisles. It would be prudent to ask, "Where is the shampoo?" or if you want just one thing and are under a time constraint. is it so terrible to ask some one who knows where -everthing- is in the store a quick question.

All you have to do is point in a general direction to satisy MOST people do not even need to speak.Just point where it is and customers usually follow happily.


hollywood1919, I agree


We don't get paid to put up with your *** actually. We get paid to to do our jobs IE ring you up, ask you if we can help you find anything, whatever is in our job description. Nowhere in the employee manual does it say that we have to let guest scream in our faces or call us names, or let them throw things at us (all which have happened to me).

We don't have to take you yelling at us and/or let your children run around like crazed monkeys. AP usually helps us take care of situations such as those.

I find it funny when people threaten to never shop there again and that they'll be going to Walmart. It's like fine, let them deal with you. (also, there back shopping at your store like a week later)

Adding one thing to your list: Don't come up to the service desk when we haven't called for the next guest in line and then get mad because we're not helping you out. Obviously we weren't ready for you, we might be finishing up a chargeback or bagging a leaky bottle.

And its not a matter about not liking my job. I actually enjoy it, I like the people that I work with, it's a nice environment. And there are guest who are just really nice and that just makes your work experience really great and you're happy to help them out in whatever you can.

Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #234529

i agree with all of your complaints, justin. as for 2 and 3, I do agree it is annoying that people ask where items are when they are perfectly capable of figuring out where they are by themselves. one of the few exceptions to this is if the person is handicapped or elderly, as they cannot get around the store as easily as others can. they cant afford to be roaming the store in search of something.

a few more complaints of my own:

27: no, we are not paid to babysit your children or the items you are buying. (one time, a lady actually had the nerve to ask us if we will watch her approx. 12-mth old baby while she goes out to her car. then she asked if she could take the unpaid items with her.)

28: you say, "Hurry up! I have to get going! I'm supposed to be at [insert little league game or family event or workplace here] STOP WASTING MY TIME!" ...Uh, excuse me? If you have no time for us, then we have no time for you. If you're so busy, then why are you in a place where your time is going to be wasted?

There are two things I quote here: (I dunno who wrote them)

"Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."

"So you're telling me I should drop everything and work on YOUR problem?"

Get the f*** out of here. Can I help the next customer in line, please?


I agree with everything on this list. On average I help anywhere from around 50 to 100 people, directly everyday. A majority of the people I help are impatient, rude and disrespectful. My Target's guest base is mostly rich-*** type women and they all think that they are above us. Along with everything you listed, here are some things I am stick of.

1. People who walk into my direction of travel, while I am hauling a huge flatbed of product, expecting me to be able to stop on a dime.

2. People asking me where items are before they even enter the store. I.E while I'm bringing in carts from outside.

3. People who ask where items are when they had just come out of the isle that houses their item.

4. People who ask me where the front doors of the store are... "How did you get in here if you don't know where to exit at?"

5. The cart doors has a 'Do Not Enter' sign for the simple fact that it is not ment for you to walk through their. Don't get mad when I run over you with a long line of carts, because you want to go through the doors.

6. Don't get mad at us that your car now has a ticket on the window, because you chose to park in the handicap parking when you are infact not disabled.

I have a much longer list I could make, but I have things to go do.

Fanwood, New Jersey, United States #233196

i want to beat targets ***,,,their managements is full of greedy pigs

Fanwood, New Jersey, United States #233194

target is another company that is too big to give a *** ...

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