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Update by user May 02, 2016

They should stop the practice of promoting "free" giftcards, when in reality it is not free. The cost of the giftcards are charged back to the customer.

I made 2 separate purchases, each receipt indicated "total savings" of $13.92 and $11.10 respectively including the cost of 3 giftcards my purchase qualified for. However, to my surprise when I got my credit card statement, I was not only charged for the Swiffer items I bought, but an extra $15 for 3 giftcards. In the end, the "savings" came to a whopping total of $10 discount offered for picking the items at the store!!

Next time, I'll stick to buying from Amazon, no trickery there, and would've been delivered to my front door for free due to the total purchase amount. Lesson learned, and I'll not forget it.

Original review posted by user May 01, 2016

Target has a promotion going on right now for Swiffer products which clearly states on the promo $5 Free Gift Card with the purchase of 2 selected items. I bought a "qualifying" 6 items and I got my "FREE" 3 $5 gift cards.

I just received my credit card statement, and was surprised to see 3 charges for $5! Called them up, and they referred me to the "FINE PRINT", where buried in the middle of the whole thing is the following: "Your account will be charged the amount of the qualifying item reduced by a Target discount in an amount equal to the amount of the gift card, and a separate charge for the amount of the gift card will be assessed. " if you don't read the fine print you miss finding out that you will be charged for the "free" $5 cards!!!

I can't believe they have to resort to this kind of scam to get people to buy from them. This is a very deceptive practice that low-life desperate companies resort to, and I can't believe Target stoops so low!

Check it out and beware!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Reason of review: Deceptive Gift Card practice.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Merchandise i purchased.

I didn't like: Advertised savings is bordering on fraud.

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I have received the "free" gift cards and haven't seen any additional fees, but will be on the lookout from now on.


"I only have three words for you and they will be my last. Get A Life."

Somehow when I pointed out your lies that you posted I had a feeling I would get an immature reply from you.


Obviously there is no talking sense to you. Have fun making fun of people on this Board and I assume others.

I guess everyone gets off in different ways.

If a person has poor reading skills like you and the OP you deserve to be made fun of. They deduct $5 off your total price for the gift card.

to Anonymous #1154098

No they do not. I saw a similar receipt.

There was NO Discount off the sales prices for the gift cards.

You go ahead and make a purchase and you will see for yourself. That is why the initial complaint came on this message board.

to Anonymous #1154212

Did you look at the receipt with an adult so they can explain it to you?

to Anonymous #1154214

Also how do I know you are telling the truth, you already lied once when you said I work for Target, so how do we know you are telling the truth this time. I don't work for Target, you lied when you said I worked for Target, so perhaps you are lying about seeing a similar receipt as well?

to Anonymous #1154277

I only have three words for you and they will be my last. Get A Life.


The same thing just happened to me couple days ago. I purchased the 2 Arm and Hammer laundry detergents for $5 and I got charged for it on my bank account.

Not only that but I was fuming too because they royally screwed up my order, couldn't make changes then I had to return all boxes to the store that didn't get shipped to the right address. The store issued a refund, not on the previous order that was incorrect but cancelled out the brand new order I had to redo in place of the wrong order. It was such a fiasco that now I'm noticing that they charged my account for the $5 promotion card that leads you to believe it's an incentive to purchase. It's a scam with a loophole to their advantage.

The fine print is a bit confusing especially after a long day. Buyer beware on this so called promotion.

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