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Bought a Samsung Curve 55inch tv with the insurance package.Before purchasing this tv my fiancé(may she rest in peace) asked the target agent if: the tv breaks, cracks anything that could happen to it will it be replaced?

He assured us that anything can happen to it and they will gladly replace it. Tv has a cracked screen and now they send me to a third party ASURION to go over my issue and guess what?

Nor Target or Asurion will replace my tv?I have left multiple messages talked to the Gm from both stores and they just BRUSH ME AWAY.

Review about: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1450.

Preferred solution: A NEW TV PLEASE. .

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You don't have proof of purchase for the TV or the warranty.They owe you nothing.

Even if the TV and warranty were registered it would have been in your fiancés name, not yours. Anyone could come up with a song and dance trying to get service they didn't pay for.

You are just going to have to accept the loss of the receipt as another unfortunate result of the fire.Seems like the loss of your fiancé should be more important than her broken TV.


I think what MMD is trying to say is that PAPERWORK is needed reguardless of your personal situation.And make no mistake THEY, the insurance ppl, have heard far worse from OTHER consumers.

Those are almost ALWAYS a scam, designed ONLY to pull on someones heart.So IF you dont have the paperwork needed then there is NO HELP for your situation.

to Anonymous Ontario, Canada #1318163

Well there are nicer ways of saying this than making comments disrespecting his girlfriend who recently died. As for the OP if you are reading this, no one is siding with MakeMyDay, he is just posting that pretending to be other people.


Oh and they say the reason that they don't have it is because I don't have the receipt. Before you say "well your own fault for not having the receipt, you should know that my fiancé passed away in a house fire and the receipt was in the house with her. I do not need more stress after all of this, and I hope she can rest in peace after all of this.

to Anonymous #1314756

So your fiancé died and all you care about is getting the television replaced? Did you love her at all or is the television getting replaced more important than she is? In other words is the television more important than her?

to MakeMyDay2O16 #1314757

Look Mr.Heartless ***, this is not about the television, it is about them giving my fiancé wrong information.

They said they told her she needed a receipt, and these cowards probably lied because she is not here to defend herself. She said nothing about the needing the receipt. I did love her, we were about to get married and the television was supposed to be one of the first things we bought together and would have taken it to our new home when we were married. It was a pre marriage gift to me and since we did not live together and since she bought it on her credit card she kept the receipt at home, which was damaged in the house fire.

I noticed that the TV had a crack in it.

We were assured that if anything happened it they would replace it.Nowhere did they state that we needed a receipt.

to Anonymous #1314758

I am not the heartless d**k, you are.If you really loved your fiancé, you would not have cared about the crack in the screen, you would have kept the TV because it was a gift from her.

Looks like you were careless with the TV, and are trying to get sympathy from your fiancé's death to get around to getting a new TV replaced. If you really loved her you would not care about the crack in the screen, you would have kept it because it was something from her. The reason she cannot rest in peace is because she knows that you care more about the television than you do her.

She must be rolling over in her grave in shame.One good thing about her dying is that she does not have to be married to you and find out what kind of person you are.

to MakeMyDay2O16 Tampa, Florida, United States #1314760

You know what I am done with this site.I am going through a stressful time right now.

My life is ruined. I was about to have the best day of my life, and get married and now that is ruined. I don't need some heartless pr*ck, (that is the word I used judging me. I loved her more than any woman(except for my mother) and i don't need some sick f**k like you judging me, especially in a stressful time like this, we were supposed to get married in the summer and all that is gone now.

I have enough stress right now and don't need to read comments from people like you. Put yourself in my shoes, imagine you are about to be married in a month, and you are really excited and then your partner dies unexpectedly. It is not about the television, it is about being told false information. Please stop replying.

Or reply if you want, your bashing and judging me at a time like this just shows what kind of a disgusting person you are. I won't be using this site anymore, I thought it would be helpful, but it is causing me more pain than you I am already suffering.

I would not wish my situation on anyone, not even you a heartless POS.You know what I don't care if you post anymore I won't be back to respond, or see your heartless responses.

to *** You #1318149

I'm with you MakeMyDay - I think the tv was more important.

to MakeMyDay2O16 #1318031

THANK YOU! Read my mind.

to Anonymous #1314763

You seem like an angry person, it is a good thing that your fiancé died.If she had not you probably would have beaten her and killed her yourself, or the marriage would fall apart in six months once she found out what a violent psychopath you are.

Either way complaining about not getting the TV replaced shows that you love the television more than her. If you really loved her you would have kept it even if were scratched because it was a gift from her.

Something you two bought together.I bet your mother is ashamed of you as well.

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