i go to target to get just some quick groceries that i know i need, one of them being milk. i check out and drive home to my apartment, as soon as i picked up my bag of groceries from my passenger seat i find under the bag around a quarter of my half gallon of milk completely spilling out and it had soaked through the bag (and also on to my other groceries) and into the chair.

ive tried to clean it the best i can but i know it is in the chair and the smell will eventually because spoiled.

So now i have to get my car detailed because i can not do anything else.... thanks for the bill target, fix your caps jerks

Monetary Loss: $2.

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But you are. Try being responsible for yourself.


they're just some dumb hick from Nashville. I agree with Simon, did Target do all of that?

did they force you to lay the milk down?

didn't think so. you're just another *** that thinks stores make everything in the store.


Your own fault. You were careless most likely and caused it to leak.

How could you not notice it leaking beforehand.

You are trying to scam them to pay your bill. Funny how the same thing happened at Kmart on another website.


Do you think Target milked the cow and bottled the milk too? Shouldn't your complaint be against the dairy the milk came from?

And who put a half gallon of milk on their passenger seat on it's side? Not Target.

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