Hello, my name is eddie and I planned to buy a camera (Pentax wg-2) it was on clearance and after a week of research I decided I really would like to own this camera, so on my next paycheck I planned to go and pick one up. This is where the problems happened I was called into work and could not pick it up.

In the end I asked my parents since they had planned to go to target, I asked them to pick it up since they could run out of stock at any moment. My parents go to target but the sign that I had seen for a lower price was gone and they asked a sales rep. If that was the price and without hesitation yet told them it was.

My parents told me what had happened so I decided to check for myself and after somewhat arguing with a sales rep he checked the actual price and I was right it was on clearance, so I asked if they had any in stock and he check and Said no, I then asked the service desk if they had any in stock and they said they had it at the beginning of the day, so if the sign was there and the sales rep wasn't a *** I could have gotten the camera I wanted very much, as well as the sales rep was no help in saying no stores in my location had the camera but when I check only a few at a larger distance from me had an ample amount but he did not inform me. This complaint probably won't do anything and doesnt matter so I dot even know why I am writing it have a good day target sucks.

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The target system only lets us check stores in the close surrounding location in the district. It does NOT check surrounding districts because it will take the system longer to load.


Things sell. Clearance items sell faster.

There is no guarantee how long an item will stay in stock. Sounds like you waited quite a while to make your purchase. Sounds like the clearance sign fell off and the old price sign was up. That happens when customers are handling products a lot and/or intentionally take the sign off of it.

If your parents asked someone who doesn't work in that department if a price is correct they're going to look at the sign and say yes. Sounds to me like there was some miscommunication or lack of communication somewhere there.

I would've taken the sign, which usually has the barcode, to a scanner and scanned it or even to a register to verify it since I knew the product had been clearanced. Really, the best bet would've been you going in there to purchase it since it was something you wanted so much and knew so much about.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #627743

Well, you wouldn't be able to get it anyway because if it truly was clearance target policy states that any clearance cannot be put on hold. Also, when you check online the system doesn't update for 24 hours.

In the PDA's it's accurate when an item is sold. Don't get your panties in such a twist


Glad to see that you did decide to write this report.

Basically, what I got out of it is: Terrible clerk. Then your parents got run around. Then you got run around. Then:


Seems simple enough and was clear.

Pretty sure I got it. Thanks

Naples, Florida, United States #617331

They are out. Get over it. And prices are allowed to go up or down as the company sees fit.

to LadyScot #617457

My goodness, LadyScot. You need to stop reading these reviews and get over it yourself. Calm down.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #623824

No, people need to stop complaining about *** ***.

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