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I bought a video game at the Target store in Amherst, OH. 1.

No one in the electronics department to ask any questions about the game. 2. I bought the game and turns out it had a terrible format for the computer I have, and the game has to have an online account, which I was unaware of. 3.

I tried taking the game back and they said story policy is that they don't take back video games.

I would have been better off talking to someone on the street because the manager Kristen, wouldn't give me her full name so when I would call to complain I had no way of identifying her terrible problem solving skills. I stated that I would have been better off to talk to someone on the street, what I should have said is that I should have went to Wal-mart

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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:sigh I totally agree, I went to customer service today to exchange a gift someone bought by kid and they refuse to do so without a receipt. I hate target and will NEVER shop there ever again!!!

I bought an iPod nano as a present which turned out not to be the right present. I went back to return it (unopened, and remember this is bout 2 in x 2 in in size) and was hit with a 15% restocking fee.

Can anyone give me a LOGICAL explanation (not store policy mumbo-jumbo) why there is a 15% restocking fee for an unopened iPod? I could have walked it back to electyronics, asked them to open the cabinet, and put it in for them and I wouldn't have charged Target anything.

Palo Alto, California, United States #266588

Open software is non refundable - exchange for same title only. This is not only store policy, in many places it is the LAW.

Any piracy and IP protection laws actually prohibit stores from returning open software, had a person duplicated the software and the store returned it, the store will be held jointly liable.

Open software is yours. This is the case everywhere.


As a team member who often works at the returns desk, I would like to point out to you two things: 1. on the back of your receipt there are clear guidelines as to what is and what is not returnable. 2. There are signs at most registers AND at the returns desk that ALSO have these guidelines. If the product had been damaged due to some manufacturer error, the return would have been processed; however, we cannot accept returns based on your ability to read the back of the case.

Also, please keep in mind that we do not share our personal information (such as last name or contact information) for personal safety reasons. I would never tell a guest my last name, and I would not expect that manager to do so either.

I would advise that next time you decide to purchase a video game you research every aspect of it (either at home or by requesting help from a team member at the store) and keeping the package closed until you know you will be satisfied.


They don't give out last names to protect their privacy. You don't need it anyway.

Kristen at Amherst is more than enough to identify her.

As to your problem: OPEN SOFTWARE IS NON-RETURNABLE. Durrr. Alway has been always will be.

Every store has the same policy.

Walmart would have done the same thing. Not knowing that in the year 2011 is nothing short of pathetic.

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