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I have had a red card since 2013 and have been a loyal Target shopper for almost 2 decades. I have never made late payments or had a payment bounce once.

I received a letter in the mail today stating the payment I made on October 2nd was “returned” with no other information. I logged into the red card website and nothing looked wrong and the payment appeared to have gone through fine.

I spoke to a service rep who said it looked like my payment had been changed to another account—my old checking account that I hadn’t used to pay my target card for 3 YEARS. Apparently this old, inactive account was still stored in my red card account but since I’ve had my current, correct checking account auto-linked to pay my bill each month, I had no idea the other one was still stored in there. This month, I noticed the red card login screen was updated and different. The first rep I spoke to told me she figured the new login process might have switched to the old account (that I didn’t know was there) and then she transferred me to the accounting department.

I spoke to one rep who determined that my old, incorrect account was used and then told me she “unfortunately could not” waive a $27 fee, because this issue wasn’t Target’s fault. I asked to speak to a manager and that’s when the fun starts!

Latoya! You’re such a peach. You answered the phone with “what’s going on?”, sounding annoyed that you just had to do your job today. I still have no idea if someone updated you on what was going on but I went through the spiel anyway. You once again told me you couldn’t waive the fee, despite the fact that no one could tell me how my auto-linked account was switched in the first place, you insisted it was my fault.

Resigned, I asked if there was another person I could contact or submit a request in writing. I then *tried to say thank you* and you told me I was cutting you off and hung up on me.

I called back, told the supervisor I spoke to what happened, paid my account balance in full and closed my card completely.

TL;DR a rude customer service rep made me feel like a criminal and I closed a multi-thousand dollar line of credit over a $27 fee.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Redcard Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I think Target should fix all of these problems that people have been experiencing with the Red Card. These poor customer cannot afford to be ripped off like have been happening to them. They owe you an apology and they should give you a free gift basket of goodies and a few Halloween pumpkins as a gift of goodwill.


Rather than blaming Target, why don't you direct your complaint towards the bank that issues the Target card?


Did you Really have a multi-thousand dollar line of credit on the card you closed?

to Anonymous #1579002

Multi thousand would be anywhere from $2,000 and up. Wouldn't be uncommon at all to see credit limits of $2,000 and above, so it's not a big deal to have a "multi thousand dollar" line of credit.

to Anonymous #1579692

Why you be so anonymous? Allright, who are you and where do you want it?

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