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I sent THIS to Target's customer comments link.

Where do I start? I placed this order on Cyber Monday for a 75 inch Smart TV.

I entered a delivery date that was NOT shadowed on the delivery calendar for Saturday, November 5th. I received an email from "EFWCS" (not Target), which I considered to be junk mail on Wednesday, December 2. I finally saw the email, confirming my order, with a "front door" delivery on Sunday. I was irate!

This electronic item is worth $4000 retail. The email stated that the item was "going to be placed outside the home in the first dry area". REALLY! I live in Minnesota, and it's December!

What is the IQ of the people that are setting up your deliveries? Since then, I've tried to change the delivery "type" to in home, but I was told by a customer care associate, that there would be a delay in delivery (48 hours) to carry the item an additional 6 feet into my home. I was not offered an option when I placed the order (keep in mind this is a $4000 TV). My wife used a vacation day to be at home for the 14 hour delivery window that we were given, and it turns out that Target changed the delivery date.

I plan to copy this "comment" to other locations to warn other customers of your "post purchase customer service" We've ALL seen this before…"Now that we have your money, we'll treat you like ____". Target Managers, I need the answer to one question….HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: How will you prevent this from happening to me, and my fellow consumers in the future?.

I didn't like: Online shipping delivery practices on targets end.

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Delivery times and product never reach consumer.

We have been calling for days to get it resolved and no one is able to advise of the location or status of item to be delivered. If you order a product and EFWCS is the delivery company, do your self a favor and cancel your order.


Efwcs is absolutely a horrible company. My shipment status is in "out for delivery" for for 5 days now.

I called for an update and they say the same thing.

It'll be the today.... Just a horrible delivery company.

to Tom #1614400

I really wish I would’ve seen all of us before hand I am waiting on furniture before Christmas and has been sitting in Atlanta for five days now and when I called the computer says we cannot find your order that is get you some help I’ve been on hold for 22 minutes and no one answers the phone and like everyone is saying they going to set it outside my front door I am only home every other day why can I schedule a normal delivery… I guess because they are not normal. Highly pissed and I am going to be contacting TARGET to just cancel my order and refund me


I have had the exact same experience with Estes. They are the worst delivery company I have ever dealt with!!

I have been waiting for my delivery since the 11th, when it was due. Today is the 25th. The driver was to call me to give me a delivery time, no call!!

Worst part is I paid $39.00 for this awful service. Walmart.com said they were aware of the issue, I have a hard time believing that.

Horrible company


This company is the worst, waited 5 hours never came. Called on hold for 2 hours each time, never answered.

Left phone number for call back, never called. Walmart should be ashamed for using this horrible company.

How are they still in business. Hopefully not much longer.


I ordered a foosball table, and it was delivered to my neighbor. No signature, after they had called and told me to leave a note if nobody would be home.

Thankfully, my neighbor contacted me and all is well. Can these peeps not read house numbers???????


I have a had a horrible experience with th same delivery service. I was told I would have my dinning table here on Friday.

Then I was told by monday, then today, Tuesday. Now, I've called today 3 times. First they said within 30 min. After 2 hours I called and they left me on hold.

I called back and they told me tomorrow. I don't have time for this and I'm sure no one else does

to Anonymous Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1349712

had the same problem today. Ordered a beautiful dining room set from Target and received the table, chairs and benches the same week I ordered.

The hutch was being delivered by this company. The original email stated I would receive my package on July 11th, which did not happen. It was delivered today, July 12th but instead of letting us know it had been delivered the entire piece was thrown out the back of the truck in the rain. It is completely ruined shattered in to 10 or 12 pieces and soaking wet.

I am beyond angry.

At this point I don't know who to be more upset with Target or this shabby delivery company.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1299450

I thank you for your time to post this. I just cancelled an order for a 2500. Shed due to the same "expectations".

*** no.

Shabby service Target.


Many companies use services like this or have this option (curb delivery) within their own companies for large items. They generally make you aware, so you can be prepared to move it to desired location.

I am in a wheelchair, and chose this option for a large swing set for my yard (for great grandchildren and friends when they visit.) I will be outside, in my wheelchair to point to an appropriate front of house spot for them to drop it into. I have arranged for family to come help move it out back following delivery.

All I did was read the delivery information on the Walmart site when I placed my order, to know what to expect. The small print - though it was not small, cannot be overlooked.


Not really their fault that you deleted the email. Target gave us a heads up the shipment would be coming from EFWCS and to keep an eye out for an email. Did you not get that email from Target?


Having the same problem

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