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I had a terrible experience at your Target store today.

Let me start off by saying the reason I shopped at Target was for the customer service. I hated the fact that at Walmart you could never find someone to ask where something is. I thought it was worth it to travel the 15-20min to Target from my home but I was completely wrong. The time I am taking to write this letter is more time than that I have saved at Target so I think I will go back to your competitors now.

Last week I spent over $200 in a couple of visits to your store. On average we probably spend at least that every 2 weeks - month. One of the products I bought was a plastic container of 8$ of value. I took it home and placed grain in it (I am a brewer) and when I went to put the lid on it, noticed it was the wrong size. Today (Wed 03/07 @ 5-6pm) I tried to take it back. I did not bring the tub itself because it was soiled by the grain, but I really didn't think anyone would have a problem with a quick swap of lids. I arrived at the customer service desk with the over-sized lid and was greeted by two ladies with glum faces. Unphased, I was eager to get the transaction taken care of so I could go home after a long day. What I thought would be easy and quick turned out to be one of the most frustrating experiences that I can honestly ever recall having. One of the ladies behind the counter (who I would later find out was called Terry) snarkily asked for my receipt. I actually thought I had my receipt with me somewhere but since I was used to Target just checking by swiping my debit card I didn't think it would be a big deal when I told her I could not find it. It was, so I told her I would check the car. I returned after not finding it to overhear the two ladies talking about me and how 'people would do anything to get something for free' before they saw I was standing there! The lady told me there was nothing she could do for me. I explained that I lived quite far away and it would cost more for me to return than to buy a new one, so she suggested I should. So I went out into the store to where I had found the tub before but this time I checked to make sure the lid fit. It didn't - none of them did! I went back to the counter and asked for the manager. Terry said she was the manager. I asked her if she could come with me, I needed to show her something. She told me that she didn't think that was appropriate, I found that offensive but suggested to her that if she actually managed the store she should see this. So I walked back towards the area but every time I looked behind me Terry was meandering off talking to different members of staff on our way, fueling my frustration. When she finally arrived I had the box and lid waiting for her and before she got within a couple of feet she could tell what the problem was (i.e. all the lids were the wrong size). She did not say one word to me, instead she walked down an aisle and made a call on the radio for the lids to brought down (I know this because there was another employee to the other side of me and I could hear her radio). As crazy as it is for me to say, I genuinely believe she was trying to bring the right lids down from the storeroom on the sly and have them stocked somewhere so she could say I was wrong. A few moments later a voice responded that there were not any in stock. So I started to walk towards where I could see her again and with palms held outwards asked her if she now understood. She then, to my complete and utter disbelief, said there was still nothing she could do for me so I said that was fine - I would take my $8 of business somewhere it was appreciated. As I walked toward the exit of the store in fury, I decided I was going to do something I NEVER do and that was find out how to make a formal complaint about this lady. So I asked a very nice older lady at the desk how I could do so. She pointed out the email address and phone number but then turned around to her colleague and said 'surely we can take care of this gentleman before he leaves the store?'. I said that would be very nice but I had already spoken to the manager. She said 'oh you've already spoken to John?' and said no I had spoken to Terry to which she replied 'oh Terry is not the manager, John is; Terry is just a CPT' (a what???). I could not believe that on top of everything I had been lied to, that this lady had tried to pretend to be the manager - that's fraud! I had obviously had enough and after wasting about 35 min over the whole thing left the store in a level of frustration I never thought was imaginable, all for the cost of $8!!!

Target? No way, never ever again. I am this close to going to the better business and consumer bureaus. At the very least I will post this on every social website I can until someone listens to me. Very, very sad that anyone could be treated like this in this day and age.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Debit Card.

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I agree with Kevin. and don't forget that Klein and his boyfriend work at "Penney's" too.

they even have a *** little baby name for it. maybe they get discounts on vaseline for their a$$holes there. wait.. does JCPenney's even sell that?

you morons act as if you can buy every electronic there, go grocery shopping, and get your car fixed there. Amy and Klein do either work at JCPenney's or they just love to return stuff without a receipt after they get tired of using whatever they bought.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445964

Amy works for JC Penney, The way she goes around making love to JC Penney in every post. Thinking of JC Penney makes her *** come out.


That's an interesting store policy. If you don't get the correct lid while shopping the first time, DON'T BOTHER TARGET AGAIN!!!

That's your tough luck. You are stuck and if you complain, then you are a crazy person who is 6 years old!

R I G H T ------------

Heck - J. c.

Penney's is so much better to their customers. Go there.


Tried to tell ya -

Shop at Penneys. They don't require a receipt!

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445635

There is a difference between keeping your customers happy and having them run all over you. This person claims to be an adult.

However they act like they are still six years old and need mommy and daddy to remind them that if you are making a return take your receipt with you. The reason they got the wrong size is because mommy and daddy was not there to make sure they got the correct sized lid.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445631

I knew that Terry was not the manager. Terry is a lady and the only good thing women are good for is sex As a matter of fact once a lady reaches the age of 30 she should not be allowed to work because she loses her sexual appeal. While that older lady was polite and nice she should have retired 30 years ago when she lost her sexual appeal.

Kirbyville, Texas, United States #445629

This post was obviously written by a six year old who thinks the world revolves around her. I guess her parents do not pay attention to her that is why she was offended because she talked to other employees on the way.

This little girl wants full attention to herself.

Not only that but she assumed that when the manager was trying to locate a lid for her that she was just trying to make her seem bad. You are crazy. She was not trying to bring the lids to say you were wrong. She was trying to help you.

You may be old enough to drive but you sound like a crazy person. Which is why she was reluctant to walk down there with you. Most likely the reason that she was chatting with other employees along the way is so that if you do anything to her there are witnesses that she was with you last.All this would have been avoided if you checked the size of the lid in the first place before making the purchase. You also claim that she was talking about you as you were going to your car.

Perhaps you are crazy and only imagined this just like you thought she was trying to get someone to sneak the lids in to make it look like you were wrong? You are crazy no wonder she did not want to be alone with you. No wonder there was an employee on the other side. To defend and protect her incase you do something to her.

You sound like a nut case. She was just trying to locate the lids for you.


IHateStupidCustomers, you are really really really into queers and as$holes huh?

Try Craig's list.

(Still no clue what this has to do with Target ridiculous policies)

BUT Good Luck with that. I'm sure they have a place where you can search for weenies and buts until your hearts content.


@ IHateStupidCustomers, you're probably right but it was more about how I was treated like a criminal than what it was about. Just one of those things I guess where you had to be there.


I can understand why you're upset but you're a little too upset over a lid for a container. you have to choose your battles sometimes buddy.

as for Klein, you probably had one bad experience at Target trying to buy condoms for you and your boyfriend but unfortunately they were out of stock. I guarantee you that both Target and JCPenneys will stay in business but let's see who makes more money. I believe in not needing a receipt for every transaction but.. what if something was bought in cash AND the customer didn't even buy it there??

maybe they found it on the ground? do you really think they have the right to return it? Target's return policy is pretty similar to just about any other stores, JCPenneys is just nuts I guess. and by the way, who would switch over to JCPenneys?

they don't even have the same things as Target. people mainly shop there for clothes, jewelry and some things for their house. it's not like you can buy electronics and do your grocery shopping there. you really need some help.

it's selfish a$$holes like you Klein that give customers a bad name.

starting thinking about other people when you shop, stop thinking about yourself when you shop. no wonder why you have no family or friends, just your boyfriend.


Target is putting themselves out of business with their unyeilding and unfliching attitude toward their customers.

J.C.Penneys is now offering a no receipt return policy. Let's see who stays in business the longer.

Customer service is vital in 2012 and Target hasn't gotten that memo yet. I can't wait for them to fold. They have mistreated customers too long for ignorant policies that ensure their savings of an $8.00 return at the customers expense! No receipt - no return?

I don't think so. Too many other companys have gotten the memo.

Keep your customers happy and they'll come back and continue to shop in your stores. Even Tasha's 8 year olds can understand that.

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