Was shopping Monday Feb 4. Could not believe how the team leader was chastising her team.

She was upset with them for not unloading the carts and putting supplies on the shelves. She asked if they wanted to work for Targets because they did not act like it. She told them that she stays and finish unloading carts and she has a life outside of the store. They need to do the same.

All of this was in the aisle where customer could hear everything.

My son works at a store and he said that their meeting are out of customers hearing and would never chastise the employees like that in front of other employees. I felt sick and embarrass had to get out of there.

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North Aurora, Illinois, United States #622800

I work for Target but LOD's (leader on duty) really don't know how to act sometimes, I know some people commenting here don't believe it. But I totally believe that this happened. A lot of our meetings happen not only in secluded ailes but MAIN aisles

to TarEmployee #1118172

A lot of stores have meetings in main aisles, that way if someone needs help while they are having a meeting they can approach the employees. Kmart and Walmart do the same.

The meetings are usually about sales from what I heard, and where they need help.

If you don't like your job than quit. Perhaps you can try entering the working force once you grow up a bit.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #612596


Fontana, California, United States #610974

Agreed, that is not Target "brand" to coach team members while in ear shot of guests.

to robres #1118013

How would you know? You don't work there so your argument is irrelevant.

to Hancock #1118176

How do you know that that person does not work there? Again there is a lot of ASSuming going on on this website.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #608302

Grow up, it had nothing to do with you, so why would it embarrass you? If you didn't like what you were hearing, go to another aisle and quite eavesdropping.

Furthermore this wasn't a store meeting like your son was referring to.

Apparently one of the shifts wasn't tending to their duties and getting them done on time, then leaving for somebody else to finish. It happens.

to anonymous Saint Augustine, Florida, United States #717524

Troll for Target Corp.

to antitrollpatrol #1118170

Why do people ASSume that just because someone tells the customer that they are wrong that they work for the company and are trolling. Only an infant would see things that way. I have a suggestion get off this adult site and get on a site more suitable for your age group.

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