December 30, 2007

To whom it may concern:

I was recently at a Target store and disappointed not only in the customer service that I received but also in the policy that Target holds for returns. I am an avid shopper at Target but I have vowed to no longer shop there after today. I am not big on returns so I am not familiar with the policies that Target holds. For the holidays I was given a gift from a family member. On the gift it states it is from Target. Because it was a gift I naturally do not have a receipt. The young lady at guest services told me that for any item that is over $20.00 dollars they do not take returns nor do they give a merchandise credit. The item in question was $26.99. So $6.99 was an issue for a billion dollar company. This concept is beyond me why a company would not issue a merchandise credit when I would have to turn around and apply that merchandise credit to Target, so essentially you are getting the money and item right back. Our purpose in the store today was to make the return then purchase $149.99 phones and groceries. Thanks to your policy I will no longer put my money towards Target anymore and advise my friends and family to no longer shop there. I left your store today truly upset all over $6.99. That is highly inexcusable! It is the holiday season and not having a receipt is the norm!

I myself do not think of myself as a complainer. It takes a lot to upset me and to actually take the time out of my day to make a complaint. But this upset me so much I just could not ignore it. I am the average Joe. My family is middle income. I am a teacher and my husband is a police officer and like most people in the world we work hard. In the grand scheme of things no longer shopping at Target is low on my list of worries but feeling like I did today at your store, like a nobody, was terrible.

I am not sure why I am even bothering writing a complaint that will just get thrown out but maybe enough people will complain and that policy will be modified and customer service will be improved.

Best regards,


Monetary Loss: $26.

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Dixon, California, United States #2442

I completely agree! My husband and I just recently got married and we have a number of duplicates that are OFF OF OUR WEDDING REGISTRY that we are stuck with because they will not even allow us to exchange for things off our registry.

We were givin these gifts and cannot help that we received mulitples. So they just (rudely!) told us that we are just stuck with two items and they cant do anything about it.

So now we have just completely wasted $150-200 of other peoples money and gifts that were for us for a wedding. I have always been an avid target shopper, but after this horrible experience, I will not shop there any more and will also be discouraging anyone from registering there.

Carson, California, United States #2318

I could have written this post! The exact same thing happened to me.

All I wanted to do was exchange some of my toddler's gifts for a larger size but since they came to $28 we are stuck with two pairs of pants that don't fit. Since I have NO self control in the baby aisle, I had a cart filled to the brim with over $200 worth of stuff, none of which came home because I refused to spend a dime if they couldn't do me the courtesy of swapping the exact same, mint-condition pants for ones that fit!

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