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Don't EVER shop at Target! Their return policy is TERRIBLE!!!

You must have the reciept no matter what (even if the Target logo is on the tag) & they try to tell you that you can only exchange the item for another item in the same department (clothes for clothes, household goods for household goods etc. I lost my reciept for a shirt I bought & never wore. Still had the tags on it & I found my reciept mixed in with some old papers but it was 1 week past their 90day return policy. I tried it anyway & they were unwilling to work with me.

Not even a gift card. Over $18! You've GOT to be kidding me!

They don't care about their customers. I'll stick with places like Khols & Walmart who have good return policies.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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I agree that you should be required to bring the receipt when you want to return something, and most stores have a sign at the register the explains their return policy.

However, I also think that no one is going to attempt to return a "dusty old VCR," since no one sells VCRs anymore. I think these stores have more money than God, and they should remember that without you, there is no store.

I long for the good old days of independent, neighborhood retailers who knew you and valued you as a customer.

I mean, really, to haggle with someone over a lousy $18? Gawd, does money have to control EVERYTHING??!!


The store gives you 90 days to return something that is very fair, stores also dont like dealing with unreasonable customers. But with customer service you will allways deal with some unhappy people so go on with your day and dont let it bother you


Previously NARC YOU OUT - Target's defenders are so proud of their positions that they resort to lies and theft to get their point across. I have become aware that someone is posting as Narc you out and posting lies about my position with Target.

As of 9/2/11 I will no longer post as Narc you out, but will remain anonymous, much like the little coward who hides behind the secrecy of the internet to post lies without being held responsible. Let me be clear as I sign off as Narc you out, it is my mission to expose Target as being involved in criminal activities.

Target should have been prosecuted for the experience I had in dealing with them. As for the people who blatently defend Target on, it surely makes one wonder, what will Target resort to trying to get money out of our pockets and being held to no responsibility for it, and why do these people defend them so adamently?


Y not do a no receipt return with your drivers licence. Up to 70 dollars a year. Working for target I know there are two sides to every story.


Wow @ Narc you out

Seems to be a true Target hater...

Seriously the reason why stores have return policies, is because of thieves and people trying to game them. There are people who will try to return old dusty VCRs like they bought them last week... If you have a receipt and within the return period, you have no reason to complain. Besides, you can't hold on to a piece of paper for 90 days? Good luck finding your birth certificate.


Dear Morgan, What a wonderful comment. Thanks so much for your input and info.

I don't know where any of these other complaints originate but we are able to take our purchases back to stores here without interrogation or accusation, and many, many times without a receipt. There are so many other stores eager to have customers in today's economy, it's easy to find a replacement store for Target.

Again, thanks for your input. Kohl's will certainly be on my shopping list, and I will pass the word on your behalf!


I just wanted to let everyone know that kohls has an amazing return policy and there is no limit of how long you can return it. I work at kohls near by and we allow you to return an item that is 4 years old!

NO JOKE! although i have heard we are the nicest kohls around! so please do not say something you do not know!

okay thanks and if you have troubles with purchases there bring up our YES WE CAN policy then they will for you! just an FYI


Sorry but Walmart and Kohls have similar return policies and if you don't bring back items before their return dates they also will not "work" with you.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #317265

Narc you out, are her mother. This would explain why your little nine year old thinks the rules don't apply to her.

This child needs to follow rules. I am sure at one point their rules were more relaxed your little nine year old would have no problem returning her Barbie Tshirt, however like everyone else your child has to follow rules.

Teach her to be more responsible instead of making excuses for her. It is because of you and your little girl that these companies need to be tough with their policies.

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #317261

Well perhaps if you asked mommy or daddy to hold on to your receipt you would not have lost it before their 90 day return policy. Your own fault for losing it.

Grow up. I don't blame you for your behavior however since you are likely only nine years old.

I blame your parents. Probably taught you that you an always get what you want and always caved in to your temper tantrums.


Now you are being enlightened about being admitted into a hospital with some imagined bizzare disease.

Laugh these ridiculous comments off and stand firm against these nonsensical statements. Your posting is the only valid one herein worth consideration.

Make sure you are heard and Target takes notice of these complaints. Soon, they will be offering better treatment to every customer; but not before we complain enough.

No receipt? With alzheimers maybe you could get help at a hospital! :p

These comments shouldn't deter your efforts to make yourself heard. There are enumerable people out here looking for sites regarding the reputability of a company they wish to negotiate with for shopping.

With your voice and mine, along with everyone elses, we can't be silenced until changes are made. You didn't do anything wrong, so let nothing stop you from stating what they did wrong to you.

Many folks are reading these sites. Keep up the good work!


Well... let's see.. considering you know about the "even exchange for same department item" thing....I know this... they offered to do a no receipt return to give a gift card... but then, after sliding your ID and scanning the shirt... it came up for an even exchange only.

Know why?

BECAUSE YOU HAVE TOO HIGH OF AN AMOUNT IN NO RECEIPT RETURNS....haha. Forgot to mention that in your complaint, huh???




90 days is ample time to determine whether or not you want an item. Indeed 90 days is a very liberal return policy.

Inventory rolls over well within 90 days, so for you to return that shirt the company would take a loss. Granted in your case only it is $18, however apply that to every person who doesn't think return policies should apply to them and the company would be losing hundreds of millions of dollars annually in merchandise that is no longer saleable.


You just want every policy Target has broken for you, don't you? You need a receipt.

You need to return it withing 90 days.

If that is too hard for you, take an adult with you when you shop and let them hold onto the receipt. Time to stop acting like it's your super sweet 16 every time you walk into a store.


Why buy a shirt you wouldn't wear then wait 3 months to try and return it? Your a real tit


What did you expect? 90 days is actually quite generous for a return policy and it even applies to electronics. You lost your receipt and it was over the time limit. You fault Target for that?

Last time I checked they were in business to make money.


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