I ordered from Target online a Fischer Price Ford Mustang for my granddaughters birthday March 18th, 2012 based on the store availability and specific delivery date of 3/21 -3/24 . I called after receiving an email 3/19 the order had shipment and received a tracking for UPS but Mon,Tues,Wen it only showed a label had been created. On Thursday I received another order that the toy had been shipped and the deliver date had been changed to 3/24-3/27 completely unacceptable. I called Target and got excuse after excuse and they offered to refund the shipping charges.n I explained I would not wait until 3/27 that if I didn't have it as promised I wanted the order cancelled. They refused stating I had 30 minutes to cancel on 3/18 that i would have to refuse the delivery and they would refund when they received the merchandise back

Today written verification they had the merchandise its 4/3/2012 and was informed because I paid with my Paypal debit card they would only refund with a gift card!##@$

They have stolen $353.00 from me holding me ransom to shop and spend my gift card in their stores.

[B]People read whats happened here, Google Target and Refunds....[/B] There are plenty of other stores to purchase from to avoide these corporate criminals. You've all used PayPal the safe alternate method of onkline payments..... I know of no other store that treats PayPal purchases this way.


Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

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Well maybe if you and your granddaughter were not ugly you can actually to to the store instead of ordering online. They did not steal $53 from you they are just giving it in a form that you don't like. Seriously I bet your granddaughter has more sense than you do.

Also Ihatedumbcustomers is not a Target employee. Even if he/she was it would not be their website. You really are a dummy you know OP aka random aka anonymous.

PS to Random again, Learn to start a proper sentence with a capital letter, something you learn in grade 1.


you're right IHateStupidCustomers, He sure was *** to order something from your website and expect it to arrive within a three day window they estimated it to be within. Everyone knows that a three day window is just too much pressure and people should really expect it within a week or so of the last day of the window.

After all, the website can only guess weather or not their employees will be competent enough to actually complete the order on time.

It isn't the website's fault, it isn't magic, it just makes random guesses based on theory.

Once again, very helpful IHateStupidCustomers, you clearly hate all customers, especially the ones that support your angry ***.


I ordered items on March 14, waited until my ordered showed up 12 days later and called to ask that the three of the items I ordered that were missing be resent and was told I would have to go back online order items and pay for shipping although my original order was eligible for free shipping. Then call them back after and ask for credit for shipping.

Are you kidding me, why would I bother wasting more of my time! I asked for a credit on my Amex thru PayPal and was given a reference number and was told by Target representative 5-7 business days I would see a credit on my Amex. I kept checking my Amex account and still no credit 26 days after I called! Called Target 3 seperate times and on last 1 hour phone conversation got disconnected from original person whom I was talking with and had to go through all the info AGAIN!!!

After speaking with supervisor she stated Target misrepresented that they could credit my Amex and that it was in their notes what I was told and she was very sorry but Target gift card was all they could issue. Unbelievable!! I have wasted over 3 hours of my time with this awful company and they think Im going to buy anything else from them, *** no. I am filing dispute with Amex!

Buyers Beware and find someplace else!! LandsEnd has great customer service and clothes!!


Wow! Three days later than ESTIMATED and you throw the baby out with the bathtub. Now try explaining to your granddaughter why she doesn't have a present because of your self-centered ego.


mistakes happen, you old fool. if you and your dumb granddaughter were patient, you could have had your shipping charges refunded and she could have gotten her birthday present.

but now she gets nothing because you're impatient and think everyone is supposed to be perfect.

maybe their was a simple mistake and the package was just going to take a few extra days. calm down.

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