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Since posting I have gotten to the bottom of this issue with my package. I am in a small town in MO for the summer.

When I ordered this package, I put the address of the restaurant where I am working, as well as, the owners last name. Although TARGET failed at giving me the correct info all weekend, so I could track the package, the primary mistake comes from UPS. UPS shipped my package to the post office over an hour from here and that is where all info or tracking stopped. UPS printed a label cutting the correct address off and cutting off the owners last name, critical for proper delivery.

So, local post office holding a package with a non exsisting address to someone they do not know.

BTW, Target has offered me free shipping, BUT, BUT not in refunding me, but giving me a gift card for $7.13. I told them I will never order, nor shop in their overpriced store again, when I return to Atlanta.

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posted Jun-25-2012

"I ordered a back massager over a week ago and have yet to receive it. I needed it for a b-day gift yesterday (SUN)and was told it would arrive Wed-Fri. When Fri came and no package, I tracked the UPS # only to find out UPS delivered it to post office, which would continue it to me and was told I needed to contact supplier. WTF? Supplier? Target was the supplier. The delivery date was moved up on my notice to Fri or Sat. When I called Target, was told to call back after Sat if not arrived. UPS tracking list package was delivered to post office an hour away from me at 9:54am and no one was there to receive package. Target get said the date was moved up for the delivery of it to the post office, not me. So Sun I call and got some ignorant foreigner that kept me on hold hoping I would hang up. When she comes back, tells me she has a tracking # for the post office, which turned out to be no such thing and told me to call back today. Target SUCKS and I wished I had read these reviews and driven 2 hrs to the nearest Walmart and bought the product from them or Amazon. Problem still not resolved and ruined my b-day gift."

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Still, last minute, and the person getting the gift is a spoiled brat, who acts like they are turning seven or eight at the most nine or ten rather than their actual age.


anonymous, you act as if you need to hold everyone's hand every time they have a bad Target experience.

customer - "oh anonymous! Target wouldn't allow me to use my expired coupon on a box of cereal!

it was only 2 days late and the cashier was rude! what will I do now?"

anonymous - "it's okay customer. I'm here for you. please pass on your bad experience.

Target does not offer good customer service. it will be okay, I promise.

I offer one on one Target hating therapy sessions in my bedroom, Sunday through Saturday 8pm-12am but no longer than that because the other 20 hours of my day belong to bashing retail stores online. especially that sneaky Target"

LN Carter:
I agree with you. Target sucks at customer service and satisfaction.
I also agree that Amazon or Wal-Mart are more reliable when it comes to helping customers with their purchases.
Please pass on your experience so that others can benefit from your misfortune.
I do as often as I can, even though the trolls attach like tarbabies!! Thanks :) :eek

Screw you *** Ethan. A week and 2 days is plenty of time for a corporation to ship anywhere in US mainland. Dumb sack of ***.


You are the ***, you ordered the gift at the last minute.

If not getting a birthday gift from you ruined their birthday gift than your friend/relative is a spoiled brat who things birthday is all about getting presents. Must have been their seventh birthday or something.


good boy (or girl or it) anonymous. you finally realized a mistake that a company has made.

These complaints about Target's lack of ability to get merchandise into the hands of the person who placed an order are almost amusing.
When it comes to restitution, they offered a gift card for $7.13 AND free shipping?

Money back guarantees must be stroke inducing to the corporate fat cats! 8) :grin 8)

well at least you admitted that it was mainly UPS's mistake.

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