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i ordered a portable DVD player on, on 12/12. while most stores were shipping orders to arrive before Christmas at that time.

Target said it wouldn't shipp till 12/30, ok i can deal with that since i got a Sony for $59. they had them at a store 25 miles away but if i can order it and save a trip ok. 12/17 i recieved an email telling me the order was cancelled. i called they said it was because they didn't know when they would have it in stock again.

i checked Targets website and they had them in red and white same item just diferent color. i told the c/s guy to replace the black one with red or white. he said since the order had been cancelled (by them, not me)i would have to reorder it. no way, it was now $109.

i waited 30 min. on a supervisor and he kept coming back and telling me a super was not available. i asked why not, she is eating breakfast. i think this is a bait and switch.

they oversold and didn't want to fill the orders at the price they first advertised.

NEVER WILL I ORDER FROM TARGET AGAIN. i almost never buy in the store because of their return policy.

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Fanwood, New Jersey, United States #228308

Target practices are horrible...lured in by the Barbie Dream townhouse for $123 with free shipping on december 2nd and waited patiently. I emailed them on December 22nd because I was wondering when it was going to come because when I ordered it as back on dec 2nd shipping was to occur between december 2nd & Jan 7th.

I was told they sent me an email cancelling this from my order...never saw it...but anyway asked if I could still get the item with the price from Dec 2nd...was told no. I was told my card wasn't charged and that I could order when it came back in stock which was going to be soon at regular price.

I will never shop there again. Why can't they treat their customers right?

As for bait and switch...Sears was sued not to long ago for this practice.


Should have drivin' that 25 miles.

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