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Target also had a false advertisement for there Element 40" flat screen for $119.00. They stated it was only online orders that began at 6pm.

on Thanksgiving. At exactly 6pm I placed my order online only to find out it was out of stock online. I called customer service and they were just robots for corporate,explaining that it was out of stock. The one associate told me that the time was for pacific time.

I was calling from eastern standard time at 6pm, which would have made it 3pm pacific time. Talked to a supervisor who also didn't have an answer for me. Stated that i would be filling a lawsuit for false advertisement. Spoke to another associate from Target and asked for a rain check but he stated that no rain checks were being given for this item, but to check back thru the 29th to see if it has been restocked.

This a bait and switch,Target never intended to fulfill this advertised price. I am planning a lawsuit against them as well as contacting the BBB and the federal Trade Commission.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $119.

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Lincoln, California, United States #1263242

what lawyer are you going to be using? I want to file a suit against them too, they just did the same thing to me on Tuesday and they have a sign in their store stating that they "promise to give the item to you at the price that it's advertised at in the store!" when I showed them the price tag, they told me too bad that I'm not getting it for that price can you believe that?!

I'm in California do you know what kind of lawyer I would contact for this? They're so rude and I'm sick of it always charging me more on my receipts and I don't notice until later, and then when you try to take it back they won't give you the time of day and they send you away!

Sarasota, Florida, United States #908109

ME TOO!! :/

Georgia, United States #907878

Target did the same thing with a the Nikon Cool Pix L330 on sale for $99.. Got an email within minutes that I had to change delivery methods since the store was out of stock.

Got on my account to change delivery method and was unable to.. Started an online chat with Ethan.. He informed me that the item was out completely even on online.. I had to cancel my order..

False Advertisement since the web site was saying that the store where I live had the camera in stock. No More Target online shopping..for me.

Bear, Delaware, United States #907500

I had the same issue. I read the fine print, knew it was online and it said it would be available 11/27.

At midnight on 11/27 12 AM I went online, it was there but the price was 349.99. I added it to my cart thinking it would update it did not. I called customer service. I was told first it was out of stock.

I informed the associate that it states it is in stock and I can order it but the price was wrong. I asked if I could order it and have the price adjusted and was told no. I then spoke with a supervisor or at least that is what he said he was, who told me he did not know when the TV sale price would be updated and that he advised I check every 3 to 5 minutes. I asked him if I was suppose to spend all night long updating my cart for an advertised price that should have already available and he told me if I wanted the TV then yes I should do that.

I got off the phone and then wrote a compliant on their site. I actually did stay up to see when the price would change. It did finally change around 2:15 AM PST and updated the price to 199.99 and then stated it was out of stock. Then about 30 minutes later it was 119.00 and still out of stock.

Where did the stock go? The only answer would be that people bought it at 349.99 price which I find hard to believe. I have screen shots of the time and pricing for both the 199.99 and 119.00 price.

I do not believe they sold any of these TVS for the 119.00 price point because it was out of stock the moment the price was adjusted online. Not only is this false advertising but the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Birmingham, Alabama, United States #907443

The internet customer support, told me that the sale was only online (not available in stores) and that she could not tell me what time it started. She said it was out of stock.

Knowing Target is a major corporation, they probably sold very few, like 10, to cover their butts on the event a lawsuit was filed.

The fine print, said quantities were limited, which cover their butts as far as the law is concerned. However, I won't never shop there again, because I don't like liars.

to Anonymous Birmingham, Alabama, United States #907450

This was at early in the morning on Thanksgiving and told me she could not tell me a time, because it is various start times for different items.

Orange, California, United States #907282

You should have had mommy or daddy there with you. They could have read the whole ad for you and told you it was Pacific time.

This is not false advertisement. This is a case where you did not have an adult sitting there with you reading the whole ad.

Besides a ten year old like yourself cannot file a lawsuit and once you show your parents the ad they will read all the terms and conditions to you and explain why you cannot file a lawsuit because this is NOT false advertising. Consult with a parent before paying a lawyer because you have no case.

to KevinRichards Birmingham, Alabama, United States #907459

The customer service representative told me that it was early in the morning on Thanksgiving, not in the Evening. In addition, the ad did not state that it would be online only.

Therefore, it is really considered false advertisement, because they did not have the sets in stores, but rather online. I know this, because a target customer representative told me. That is why I did not waste my gas and stand in front of the store, for nothing. I also tried to order it the night before at 12:00 am.

However, Target's lawyer did cover their butts by putting in the advertisement were limited. So legally, they did not have to have, but one of the item, in the store, to cover their butts. While a lawsuit may not be possible, Target stores did lie and I really do not like liars. So I know I won't be going to Target for a very long time.

Guess it time to retire my RED card that save me an amazing 5% on purchase. Good Bye Target. If Target thought things were bad, they have not seen the worst, this stunt may have cost them a lot of customer. Target did not do so good in Q3 and it don't look like they will being doing any better in Q4, because of their own fraudulent practices.

Soon we will be reading how Target is closing several hundred stores nationwide. Watch.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #907520

Even if they did tell you what you claim it is your word against theirs. Any real lawyer would know that this does not stand up in court if it is verbal.

Also a real lawyer as I said is educated and would know that a proper noun like Target begins with a capital.

Face it you are no lawyer. You have no clue about legal practices, why you don't even have basic fifth grade grammar skills.


Good luck even trying to find a lawyer to take on your case.

to anonymous Massillon, Ohio, United States #907191

I am an attorney!

to trv6969 Orange, California, United States #907286

Yeah right, if this were really true you would know you have no case. Besides law school requires a lot of education the fact that you cannot read the whole ad saying it is for pacific time proves you don't have the intelligence to pass law school. So tell another lie.

Mount Vernon, New York, United States #907180

I had been trying to get that same TV for 2 days. I had it on my wish list and could not convert it to an online purchase.

I would like to join the lawsuit with you. As popular as target is, it's a shame that they have to create a false advertisement to prey on people who don't have the money to buy at regular prices.

It seem like the Black Friday events have become so dark in many corporations and their hearts. ( disappointing thousands of people just to gain a few bucks.)

to Nancy #907313

Walmart had that same TV on sale the week before for $115. They had sold out on the item but the manager was kind enough to give us a raincheck. ☺

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #907314

A day late and a dollar shot. Thank you anyway.

to trv6969 Orange, California, United States #907521

$4 short, not $1 $119-$115 is $4, you really are not a lawyer because a lawyer would be able to do simple first grade math.

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