This is the sad part. I love shopping at target. I can not believe that target supports ANTI *** legislation not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to that effect. I can no longer in good conscience shop there. PEOPLE NEED TO GROW UP ABOUT *** MEN AND WOMEN. i HAVE a beauty salon and many hundreds of clients as does my staff. I will clearly notify all that I can to boycott ur stores, until this stance changes with ur H.Q. Can't believe I have to shop elsewhere!!!!!! BUT I WILL.

Sad state of affairs, Mario de Vito


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People read a *** blurb, blog, facebook post, whatever, and make no intention of learning the truth. Welcome to that pathetic "I AM OUTRAGED BUT I WILL BE DAMNED IF I ACTUALLY DO ANY RESEARCH INTO THE MATTER TO CONFIRM WHETHER OR NOT IT IS TRUE. TO THE INTERNET!!! WHERE I WILL MAKE MY STUPIDITY KNOWN TO THE WORLD!!!" club.

Target made a $150,000 (not "hundreds of thousands of dollars, as you so painstakingly didn't research, or even google search the truth) donation to...a pro-business lobbying group. Huh, doesn't sound all that terrible anymore, does it? Now, unbeknownst to Target, this group made a donation to a...pro-business candidate for the state of Minnesota. Wow, how awful. Now yes, it turns out that the man also believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, of course that isn't why the lobbying group donated money, it was because he was pro-business, that is all. No Anti-*** legislation, no anti-*** secrecy; they are actually ranked very highly by LGBT polls and studies pertaining to how fair and open they are towards that community. THe LGBT community often ranked Target as one of the best, if not the best places to work. Doesn't seem like much a story anymore, does it?

And you are an ***.


Ooh! Very interesting! Things must be getting testy at Target, looks like they're using full time trolls to try diffusing their increasingly negative consumer image.

Mario, no one should spend their money with a company that supports limiting free choice -this is supposed to be a democracy, with freedom for all, not strictly the frightened and terminally narrow-minded.

Kevin and seriously can refrain from replying-if that's what passes for wit in your "neck of the woods" you have bigger problems than we can address here.


Marriage is for Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

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