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My boyfriend 2 hours to return an Xbox one because I was unaware that internet was needed to use, was denied return. I called and spoke with management and was told they should have returned it.

Drove back down AGAIN and was denied again!! Beyond outraged. The LOD I spoke with, Steve, wouldn't make eye contact with me and laughed at the situation. EXTREMELY unprofessional...this man should be fired for the way he treated me.

Not sure if I'm more pissed about the service or the fact that they denied my return. I will NEVER shop at target again!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We had a similar problem also ours was denied. I do t like target and will tell everyone I know about myexperience

to Anonymous #1113151

Yeah and everyone will stop going to Target because of this and they will go bankrupt. Get real.

to Anonymous #1113446

Their excuse for not allowing my boyfriend to return the xbox one was because he bought about a year ago. We did not have the receipt but they scanned when the item was bought and it was bought a year ago.

We were even honest with them as we thought we bought the system two years ago. They still won't let him return the system. What a bunch of losers.

I admit I got angry, I would not care if it was my money, but I love my boyfriend, and when they would not return his hard earned money I lost it. Yeah I admit I was making a scene, that was unprofessional but laughing at me was unprofessional as well.

to Anonymous #1116146

What *** in their right mind would return something after using it for a year! They were not rude but you were. I hope someone beats the living *** out of you for lying,***

to Anonymous #1123180

Target policy says electronic returns can only be made for 30 days from purchase date... Why are you upset that they wouldn't give you a refund after a year??

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