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I tried to purchase a television @ my local Target, in Limerick Pennslyvania. I was completely shocked and mostly embarrassed because Target would not honor the check, not because I didnt have suffient funds but because I have never written a check at the "point of sales"

Its 2010 and who honeslty writes check at the point of sales ?!?! I have written Target corporation lots of checks to pay my credit card and there is never a issue.

All i wanted to do was spend $726.00 on a Television but NOPE your policy of frequent check at the point of sales.

Boscovs was happy to take my money with no questions ask.

I will never ever again shop at a Target store, as much as it kills me because I did enjoy spending all of my money in your stores, but never again.

I have told alot of people of the ridiculous policy and no one heard of this

Thanks for your time reading this

Lost Customer


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May I help you find something is obviously an immature ***.Probably a retail sales clerk making 9 dollars an hour!

That would explain his choice of the handel "may I help you find something".

To answer, NO!But if you will pull your head out, I can help you find something!


2. Written by should have planned on June 6, 2010

target has this policy to protect you. you cannot spend over $100 on a check if you've never written a check at a target store... this is a security measure to protect your checking account from identity theft you ***, so stop fuking blaming target and grow up you big baby.

What a corporate man! My bank already protects my acount. I do not need a store like Target deciding I may not be who my license, check, and credit cards all say I am. I hate Wal Mart and Target is creeping into that category too.


Today I tried to write a check to Target for over 350.00 for an HDTV at Vadnais Heights,MN store.I too was turned down because I had not written checks before.

What happen to checking id's/picture to protect identity theft? What happened to using credit bureaus or credit scores Wow... Your telling me Bill Gates or Warren Buffett shops there and tries once to use a check and they decline.

I/m blown away by this credit policy decision.Walmart took my check this time.


target has this policy to protect you. you cannot spend over $100 on a check if you've never written a check at a target store... this is a security measure to protect your checking account from identity theft you ***, so stop fuking blaming target and grow up you big baby.


Pissed, this just happened to us today to.When I called the 800 number , I was told that in order to purchase the TV we were wanting to buy, we too had to have a check writing history of over $100 each time for a couple of months.

Well, we wont be shopping there anymore either because of their check writing history policy.

They embarrassed us by not taking the check.its funny Sears took our money for the TV we bought, with no check writing history.



“For your information I did use my debit card.”

This fact is not stated in your OP. So either your story has changed or your telling of the same story has changed. You are represented on this forum by your own words and we’re reached the point where you have changed your story. So this discussion is less about Target Corporation and more about your personal integrity!



Whom are you talk to? Aren’t you the one doinig all the ‘crying’?


“Geez whiney people need to STFU”

What is STFU?



I do not make larger purchases so my card would not work!

so much for using this site as a platform to vent. I am getting harrassed by individuals who think im whinning like a baby!!!

its simple, i had the money and Target has a bogus policy of check frequency at the point of sales! something i never heard of prior



“TO May I Help You Find Something?”

That would be me!


“do you enjoy *** me off more? “

Your message didn’t pass this site’s censor. Could you try communicating without foul language? I’d really like to know what you have to say. Thanks In Advance!


TO May I Help You Find Something?, on 10-03-2010

do you enjoy *** me off more?

It was nothing to do with me, I think Target's policy is bogus, bottome line

And i did have a Target Credit Card that i paid off and DO Not have any credit cards by my choice. Credit cards are destroying americans!

You really are a ***



“For your information I did use my debit card.”

But you didn’t say so in your OP, did you? Are there any other ‘facts’ you forgot to give us? See how this new admission weakens your complaint against Target…


“I can not make a purchase that large because I never would.”

So you have a personal policy about transactions? Why on earth are you upset with Target? Because they failed to follow your self-imposed rules?


“My Bank would think somoene (sic) stole my debit card! “


So why not go to the bank before shopping and get cash money or a corporate (cashier’s) check for your big purchase? Or, enroll with Target for a Red Card and enjoy a further ten percent discount on your TV purchase? (Did ‘Boscovs’ offer you a 10% discount?)


“And Yes I will never shop there again for the simple fact they would not take my check”

Once again, that’s your decision, not Target’s. If Target has lost your business over a simple transaction where you expected them to bend the rules, both of us are better off if you stay away from Target stores in the future.

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