Do not visit the Target store in Windsor, Ct. They advertised an item on sale, I found the item in the store (Aero Queen Bed), but they would not honor the sale price stating that it was not the item on sale because it rang up with a different price.

Customer Service also checked inventory and told me there was 1 in stock, but no one could find it. I asked a simple question, what was the difference between the one on sale and the one I found in the store. No one could answer my question, nor would they honor the sale price on this item.

In my opinion, this was a scam and their customer service is useless. AVOID TARGET, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!

Monetary Loss: $66.

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Jogindarnagar, Himachal Pradesh, India #752055

Did you fail English class? It is not the same item so they don't have to honor the price.


This should have been hidden in the back room. Only employees of Target get the best deals!!!!!!! I am sure a very happy Employee walked out with that deal!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #756249

Target employees do not hide stuff in the back room we could be terminated for even holding the product we want at guest service for a day so I'm sure that wasn't the case. Don't be so quick to make *** assumptions

to Anonymous Unionville, Ontario, Canada #756400

Yeah well if a Target employee is caught stealing, they get fired and they still break the rules. Not saying the OP is correct or wrong in their statement, just saying they can break the rules.

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