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The online representative and supervisor are so inhuman and not in a good way. I do not appreciate being read a script on how "sorry they are for the inconvenience." Whatever marketing team thinks the procedure Target has in place for upset customers has to have their heads in a cloud.

Waste of money to have online help, might as well have a recording!

I placed the same order three times!!Should of quit on my second attempt. Anyhow, order one and two had to be cancelled. The problem, the confirmation screen showed the wrong sizes on my items, however the order screen right before you get your confirmation number showed the correct sizes of my order. Once the confirmation screen appears the sizes were wrong!!!

The last order I placed(I ordered a different product entirely in hopes of getting my order correct)had both items in my one order shipped differently. I specified a premium delivery for my two items in my one order. Well when my confirmation came in the items are being shipped separately. One item is premium delivery and the other STANDARD DELIVERY!!!

Why in God's name are my two items shipped at separate times??I paid for premium shipping for both!! Well the "supervisor" read me his script of how this was out of his hands, then why have a supervisor???He was no help, he read me the same lines the representative did.

I told him I was not a happy customer and he did not care. I know this probably makes no difference to Target but I know much like myself, someone will read this and at some point in time, this will reflect in a negative way on Target.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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This is horrible customer service. Target should be ashamed of itself. I will shop elsewhere!

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