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I purchased 251.98 worth of Flex Spending medical products at target to use up FSA account balance at the end of the year. I sent my receipt to my insurance company and they claim they never received the receipt.

Target will not produce a copy of the receipt when I bring my credit card to them, including the total purchase amount and transaction number. I should have copied the receipt in Target and put it in my LOCK BOX at the local bank, because I will never see that receipt again!! I am not happy with TARGET and have spent THOUSANDS at their store over the years.

I am PISSED!!! Target's customer service to loyal customers is a JOKE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $251.

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Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #249311

you should have made your own copy of the receipt (ever hear of a xerox machine or a scanner and printer?) before sending it to your insurance company. you should be mad at yourself, and mad at your insurance company for losing the receipt. target did its part of the job.


Target's responsibility is to produce a receipt at the point of sale, which they did. They can't just wave a magic wand and reproduce every receipt from every sale they ever made.

I bet if Target made a complaint about you the title would be "*** CUSTOMER DOESN'T MAKE COPIES OF RECEIPTS, BLAMES STORE". By your own admission, it was your mistake so be a grown up and accept responsibility.

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