I will no longer shop at target, I bought some Christmas gifts at target and one was a duplicate gift.

I started Christmas shopping early in September and didn't realize that target doesn't recognize a receipt after 90 days.

I was always told to hang on to your receipts and any reputable store would honor it if there was a problem with the purchase. Not target!

I received the lowest price it had ever been and on a gift card only! Not a return of cash which I paid them.

They need to post this on the store door before you enter not in small letters on a receipt after I shop and pay.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #609717


Good Bye

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #609182

Great comeback. I can tell you're lacking it.

Why don't you go away now since you can't think of anything clever to say.

This is really boring. Bye bye.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #609179

HaHaHaHa - that was so funny.

Why don't you read reviews from 2008 and get more laughs?

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #609176

Funny, I was going to say the same thing about you. I think you're trolling for trouble enough for the both of us.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #608679

Got a life, Douche Bag!! And I manage to look at dates and not bother with something that happened three years ago. You need to catch up, Summers Eve!

Why, you're not bored - you're just an angry little douche trolling for trouble.

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #608617

I don't look at dates. If posts were made to expire, they wouldn't be here anymore.

And it's even sadder that you managed to tell me how sad it is. Get a life douche.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #608612

How bored are you that you have to review complaints from 2011 and comment on them two years later?

This is really sad

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States #608073

I'd like to know a store that takes returns with a receipt past 90 days. None that I can think of! And yes, the return policy is everywhere, even on all of the checklanes.


You're lucky they were nice enough to do that much.The TM who processed your return was risking disciplinary action if they were caught.

Lovington, New Mexico, United States #239127

If you had asked for and/or received a gift receipt (some registers print gift receipts automatically for certain items), then gift receipts are accepted after the 90 day period. However, gift receipts yield gift cards. Not cash.

Also, the return policy is printed in large bold letters near the exit doors, at guest service, at electronics, at the fitting room, and other locations throughout every Target store. So your wish about having the policy visible was granted years before you shopped there. Target has had their return policy printed in these locations at every location for as long as I've been shopping there (14 years).

People will always find something to complain about. When I worked at Hollywood Video, I had a guest chew me out and insist they would never come back to Hollywood Video. They would use Blockbuster for ALL their future rentals. What made them so mad? Hollywood Video's return policy. Which, at the time, was more lenient than Blockbuster's policy (as the companies technically had the same late fee policy, except that all rentals were 5 days at Hollywood, while new releases were 2 day rentals at Blockbuster).

Peterborough, New Hampshire, United States #239093

Doesn't matter if the return policy was written on the back of the receipt, on a huge sign over the door, or in huge letters anywhere else... There are still idiots out there who will find a way to ignore them.


^^^^ truth be told.


You had 90 days. That is more than enough time.

Christmas was over 3 weeks ago. No excuses. This one is on you. I don't want to buy something that was in someone's house for over 3 months and neither would you!

Be an adult and accept responibility for your mistake and stop blaming the store.

Yeah, they should have a big sign that says "WE WON'T REFUND ITEMS THAT HAVE YOU HAVE HAD FOR 4 MONTHS". Oh wait, anyone with common sense would already know that.

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