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I just got of the phone with Target Rep. and I will never shop at any Target store again.

I ordered for Christmas and part of the order never got to UPS so I've been trying to track it down. After several phone calls and a great deal of aggrivation they want to send me a gift card for Target and there isn't one here. They won't credit the account it was drawn off of because it is PAYPAL, so I would have to drive an hour and a half to a store and I am disabled and don't drive so I would have to pay for someone to take me.

Plus it's snowing and the roads are icy. They have my $$$$ that I was to use for that present and now I can't afford to buy anything else.

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Get over yourself. In all actuality, target didn't have to do anything to help you, but they provided you with a gift card to compensate them for the error.

The can't deal with refunds to paypal, because they're not paypall, they're target. Its not their fault that you're at a disadvantage of location and ability.

Stop complaining, and find a way into town. Besides, most store let you use gift cards online, so there shouldnt even be an issue here.

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